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FC Barcelona and TK Elevator Forge a Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Mobility at Spotify Camp Nou.

Roger Hampel

FC Barcelona TK Elevator
FC Barcelona TK Elevator

FC Barcelona has teamed up with TK Elevator, a leader in advanced and sustainable mobility solutions, to significantly enhance fan experience through innovative mobility solutions at the future Spotify Camp Nou. This ambitious partnership, set to last until June 30, 2029, will see the integration of 69 state-of-the-art elevators and 78 escalators into the newly renovated stadium.

Elevating Fan Experience with Advanced Mobility

This collaboration is part of the broader Espai Barça project, which aims to transform FC Barcelona's facilities into a top-tier sports complex at the heart of Barcelona. The partnership not only reinforces the club’s commitment to innovation and excellence but also strategically positions the stadium to leverage TK Elevator’s cutting-edge technology in vertical transportation.

A Strategic Alliance for Modernization

The deal aligns with both entities' goals of enhancing infrastructure and enriching the fan experience through sustainable technology. The inclusion of TK Elevator’s products in Spotify Camp Nou's design will improve accessibility and crowd flow, making it easier for fans to move throughout the venue efficiently and comfortably.

Boosting Business and Sustainability

This partnership extends beyond traditional sponsorships. It embodies a shared vision for sustainability and innovation, pivotal in today's sports and entertainment venues. Juli Guiu, Vice President of FC Barcelona’s Marketing Area, emphasized that working with TK Elevator aligns with the club’s goal to offer the best possible experience for all visitors and fans, complementing the ongoing renovations at Spotify Camp Nou.

Pedro Martín, CEO of TK Elevator, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting that it underscores their commitment to engineering excellence and their capability to contribute significantly to major projects like Espai Barça. He highlighted the project's potential to push the limits of innovation in vertical mobility, setting new benchmarks for stadiums worldwide.

A Win for B2B and B2C Collaborations

The partnership is also set to open new doors for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) opportunities, leveraging FC Barcelona’s global visibility and prestige. For TK Elevator, this is a chance to showcase its technological prowess on a world stage, enhancing its profile not just among consumers but within the business sector as well.

Espai Barça: More Than Just a Stadium

The Espai Barça project goes beyond a simple stadium upgrade; it’s a comprehensive initiative aimed at creating the best sports complex in an urban setting. Through this collaboration, FC Barcelona and TK Elevator are setting new standards in the integration of sustainable and efficient technologies into sports infrastructure, promising a future where fan experiences are seamless, modern, and eco-friendly.


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