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EA SPORTS FC and UEFA Academy Unite to Empower Women in Football Leadership.

Roger Hampel


In an inspiring move towards fostering gender diversity and leadership within the football industry, EA SPORTS FC has announced its partnership with the UEFA Academy's Women in Football Leadership Programme (UEFA WFLP). This collaboration, announced on March 19, 2024, signifies a major step forward in supporting the advancement of women in football, aligning with the ethos of Women's History Month to celebrate and uplift the achievements of women worldwide.

Since its inception in 2014, the UEFA WFLP has been instrumental in paving the way for over 240 women from diverse backgrounds to escalate their careers in football. This year, the programme, scheduled for August 2024 in Switzerland, promises an even greater impact with the backing of EA SPORTS FC as its new presenting partner. The prestigious IMD Business School, known for its leadership in management education, will deliver the programme between UEFA HQ in Nyon and its Lausanne campus.

Thomas Junod, Head of the UEFA Academy, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the programme's role in championing the advancement of women in football. He anticipates that the collaboration with EA SPORTS FC will bring innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to the table, further enriching the programme's dialogue and networking opportunities.

Andrea Hopelain, GM & SVP of Publishing at EA SPORTS, underscored the importance of the partnership in aligning with Women's History Month's theme of inspiring inclusion. She pointed out that supporting the UEFA WFLP is a testament to EA SPORTS FC's commitment to creating pathways for women in the organisation and the broader industry to ascend to leadership roles in football.

The UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme is designed to not only improve leadership skills but also to encourage networking, build self-confidence, and promote gender diversity in senior management positions within football. The programme includes keynote speeches from industry leaders, group training sessions, and one-on-one coaching, aimed at empowering potential female leaders of the future.

This initiative is critical in a time when studies have shown that organisations with diverse senior management teams tend to outperform those with a lack of gender diversity in leadership roles. Football is gradually recognizing the importance of this diversity, with the UEFA WFLP playing a pivotal role in this transformation.

The programme's success is evident in the number of its alumni who have advanced to leadership positions within football associations and confederations globally. This partnership between EA SPORTS FC and the UEFA Academy is a clear indication of the football community's commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that supports the growth and recognition of women in leadership roles.

As EA SPORTS FC continues to champion women in football, this partnership with the UEFA WFLP marks a significant milestone in their long-standing relationship with UEFA. It builds on previous initiatives to support community-level football and demonstrates a shared commitment to enhancing the sport's future through diversity, inclusion, and leadership development.

Source and Photo: UEFA Media


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