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DFL Joins Hands with Maharashtra Government to Elevate Indian Football.

Roger Hampel


The DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga has taken a significant step in boosting Indian football by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of the State of Maharashtra. The agreement was formalized on August 28 during the esteemed Shree Shiv Chhatarapati Awards ceremony in Pune, India. The MoU aims to enhance football expertise and professionalize structures within Maharashtra, underlining Bundesliga's commitment to nurturing the Indian football ecosystem.

The MoU outlines three key elements to advance football within Maharashtra: enhancing technical and sporting expertise across clubs, associations, colleges, and schools; strengthening football structures throughout the Indian subcontinent; and specifically supporting the progress of football within the Maharashtra district.

The Directorate of Sports & Youth Services, an independent body under the Government of Maharashtra, plays a pivotal role in promoting sports, youth welfare, and physical education. Their goal aligns with the upliftment of sports at all levels and nurturing young talent for national and international success.

Peer Naubert, Bundesliga International Chief Marketing Officer, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, citing the growing passion for German football in India. The Bundesliga's dedication to fostering youth talent globally is exemplified through this collaboration, which seeks to promote Indian football's advancement and potentially see Indian players making their mark in Germany.

Commissioner of Sports and Youth Services Dr. Suhas Diwase expressed confidence in the partnership, envisioning a prosperous future for athletes in the sporting communities. The MoU signifies a commitment to sports growth and athlete welfare.

The collaboration between DFL and the Maharashtra Government holds the potential to reshape Indian football's landscape and contribute to the development of talented players within the region.

Source: DFL


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