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DFB and Volkswagen Extend Partnership Until 2028.

Roger Hampel

DFB Volkswagen
DFB Volkswagen

Source: DFB

The German Football Association (DFB) and Volkswagen have announced an extension of their sponsorship agreement until July 31, 2028, strengthening a partnership that has been influential in both professional and grassroots football since January 1, 2019. This continuation marks a significant commitment by Volkswagen, which remains the primary partner of the DFB.

A Partnership Built on Shared Values and Broad Support

Volkswagen's CEO, Oliver Blume, highlighted the shared values and responsibilities of the partnership, emphasizing their commitment not just to top-tier football but to inclusivity and grassroots initiatives. This includes support for youth, women’s teams, and amateur sports, reinforcing Volkswagen's role as a pillar of societal engagement and responsibility.

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf praised Volkswagen's holistic view of football, from the top leagues to the amateur levels and various state associations. The ongoing initiatives such as the nationwide children's football tour underscore the companies' dedication to nurturing a future generation of football enthusiasts, especially as excitement builds for the upcoming European Championship hosted in Germany.

Sustained Support Across All Levels DFB Volkswagen

Thomas Schäfer, Volkswagen AG Board Member and CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, reaffirmed the synergy between the two giants, stating, "Football and Volkswagen - they just fit together." This partnership supports numerous national teams and grassroots competitions, including both the men's and women's DFB Cup, a relationship that has thrived since 2012.

Societal Impact and Campaigns

Volkswagen has been proactive in addressing social issues through campaigns like #keinFrauenfußball, which challenges the traditional perceptions and recognition of women's football. Dr. Holger Blask, Managing Director of DFB GmbH & Co. KG, mentioned the focus on societal relevant themes and innovative activation of sponsorships, which includes supporting emerging leaders in football and educational journeys for football heroes.

Future Prospects and Global Influence

Looking ahead, both Volkswagen and DFB are committed to exploring innovative avenues within their partnership, aiming to shine a spotlight on sports and societal issues of mutual importance. As the 2026 World Cup in the USA, Mexico, and Canada approaches, they plan to leverage this international stage to further promote German football and their collaborative initiatives.

Deepening Roots in Amateur Football

Schäfer also revealed the renewal of contracts with all 21 state associations, extending their commitment to the very heart of German football—the local clubs and grassroots levels. Volkswagen dealers are also actively involved in supporting local clubs, which further strengthens community ties and supports the development of the sport at the local level.


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