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Cracovia Secures Official Sponsorship from FoodCare's 4MOVE Brand.

Roger Hampel

Cracovia 4MOVE
Cracovia 4MOVE

FoodCare, renowned Polish food producer, announced its brand 4MOVE as the Official Sponsor of MKS Cracovia SSA. This partnership marks a significant step for both entities, positioning FoodCare and its 4MOVE brand as key supporters of the Club in its journey towards growth and innovation.

The initiative, part of the #CracoviaOdNowa project, aims to rejuvenate Cracovia by attracting new business partners. FoodCare, a leader in the FMCG sector since 1984, has a global footprint with its products reaching over 50 countries and operates two manufacturing plants. This sponsorship not only symbolizes a new chapter for Cracovia but also showcases FoodCare's commitment to fostering sports and local community engagement.

"We are proud to welcome FoodCare as the Official Sponsor of Cracovia. This partnership is not just a culmination of our efforts but also paves the way for broad development prospects. Collaborating with FoodCare represents a significant stride in our business direction, proving our dedication to evolving the Club beyond its athletic achievements to becoming a brand that inspires and engages," stated Mateusz Dróżdż, President of MKS Cracovia SSA.

Wiesław Włodarski, founder and CEO of FoodCare Group, expressed enthusiasm about beginning a new chapter with Cracovia, underscoring the mutual benefits and growth opportunities the partnership brings.

As part of this sponsorship, the 4MOVE logo will be prominently featured on the match jerseys of the first team players, LED bands during Cracovia's home games in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa, and across the Club's social media platforms.

Adding to the excitement, 4MOVE is known for its collaborations with prominent Polish athletes. Basketball player Jeremy Sochan has recently become the new ambassador for 4MOVE's isotonic drinks, joining the ranks alongside NBA player Marcin Gortat, who has also endorsed the brand. This tradition of partnering with top-tier athletes reflects FoodCare's long-standing commitment to supporting sports excellence and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Source: Cracovia


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