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ComAve and Olympique Lyonnais Forge a Strategic Partnership for the Next Three Seasons.

Roger Hampel

ComAve Olympique Lyonnais
ComAve Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais, a prominent Ligue 1 football club, has entered into a strategic partnership with ComAve, an international e-commerce platform, for a duration of three seasons until June 30, 2027. This collaboration is set to redefine fan engagement and enhance the club's digital presence both in France and internationally.

Reinventing Fan Experience through E-Commerce

ComAve has been named the official e-commerce partner of Olympique Lyonnais, bringing innovative online shopping solutions and captivating content directly to the fans of the club. The partnership aims to enrich the fan experience by integrating advanced digital interactions with traditional fan engagement. Through a dedicated platform, supporters will have access to exclusive services and benefits, including loyalty programs, contests, and special offers designed specifically for the Olympique Lyonnais community.

Strategic Benefits for Both Parties

The collaboration with ComAve is expected to create new development opportunities for Olympique Lyonnais by expanding its reach and enhancing its brand presence on a global scale. Cyrille Groll, the Director of Business Development at Olympique Lyonnais, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "The arrival of ComAve in our network of partners will allow us to create new development opportunities and strengthen the presence of our respective brands internationally, reaching all our fan communities. We are thrilled to embark on this unique collaboration with such a dynamic and innovative actor for the next three seasons."

From ComAve's perspective, the partnership with such a prestigious club as Olympique Lyonnais provides a valuable opportunity to demonstrate their capability in creating value for sports clubs and their fans through innovative solutions. Jassim Sulaiti, Regional Managing Partner at ComAve, noted, "We are excited to collaborate with such a prestigious club as Olympique Lyonnais. This partnership allows us to showcase our ability to create value for clubs and their fans through innovative solutions. We are looking forward to the outcomes of this collaboration and to sharing new memorable experiences with the OL community."

Future Outlook and Impact

This partnership signifies ComAve's commitment to strengthening the bonds between professional clubs and their supporters through modern and interactive initiatives. By combining the strengths of both organizations, this collaboration promises to introduce new dynamics in the international sports landscape, potentially setting a benchmark for fan engagement in the sports industry.



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