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AS Roma Partners with Riyadh Season.

Roger Hampel

AS Roma Partners with Riyadh Season.
AS Roma Partners with Riyadh Season.

Embracing the synergy of football and entertainment, AS Roma, a cornerstone in global football, announces a front-of-shirt partnership with Riyadh Season, one of the world's premier entertainment events, marking a significant alignment in the sports and entertainment industry.

AS Roma Partners with Riyadh Season.

Riyadh Season, a magnet for global visitors to Saudi Arabia’s thriving capital, weaves a winter tapestry of thousands of concerts, exhibitions, dining experiences, and unique entertainment events, heralding some of the world’s most recognizable brands and personalities. With its fourth edition on the horizon, the event stands as a beacon for international entertainment, attracting in its inaugural season in 2019 over 10 million visitors and shattering multiple Guinness World Records in subsequent events.

The Chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, His Excellency Turki Alalshikh, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, extolling AS Roma's iconic yellow and red jersey and its synonymous recognition globally. Riyadh Season, designed to unite people through a vast array of international entertainment events, now basks in enhanced visibility through one of the world’s most ardently supported football clubs, especially during an exhilarating era marked by AS Roma’s recent triumphs in Europe.

AS Roma reciprocates this excitement, with CEO & General Manager Lina Souloukou emphasizing the club’s acknowledgment of Riyadh Season as a colossal entity in the world's winter entertainment events. With sport pulsating at its core, the partnership not only accentuates AS Roma as a global brand but also elevates its strategic relevance for the future of football in Saudi Arabia – a market burgeoning with significance in the footballing world.

This union harbors prospective unique and intriguing opportunities, with a special nod towards AS Roma playing friendly matches in Riyadh, allowing them to witness the fervent football passion within Saudi Arabia, demonstrated by the various high-profile players gracing the Saudi Pro League.

Moreover, the symbiotic relationship extends to enriching fan experiences by offering them a chance to witness AS Roma in a friendly match in Riyadh, bridging cultural experiences and football enthusiasm in a fusion of sports and entertainment.

AS Roma's partnership with Riyadh Season heralds a promising era that transcends beyond sponsorship, embedding itself into a cultural exchange, shared passions, and mutual growth within the realms of football and entertainment, thus paving the way for more immersive and global fan experiences.

Incorporating the spirit of collaboration and the pinnacle of entertainment that Riyadh Season represents, this partnership seamlessly intertwines the passion and global appeal of football with the extravagant and unique experiences offered by one of the world’s leading entertainment events, forging a path of shared success and mutual advancement in both the sporting and entertainment domains.


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