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Apple TV & MLS Season Pass Launches Vibrant Campaign Featuring MLS Stars.

Roger Hampel

Apple TV  MLS
Apple TV MLS

Apple TV, in partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS), has unveiled an exciting new campaign to promote the MLS Season Pass, showcasing players from every MLS club in every stadium across the league. The campaign also features striking murals in major cities like Los Angeles and New York City, capturing the spirit and diversity of MLS.

Nationwide Celebration of Soccer

The campaign is a visual feast, designed to connect soccer fans with their favorite teams and players in a deeply personal way. By featuring every player in their home stadium, the campaign highlights the unique character and fan culture of each club. The addition of vibrant murals in LA and NYC not only enhances the visual impact of the campaign but also embeds MLS into the cultural fabric of these iconic cities.

Strategic Collaboration Between Apple TV & MLS

This campaign is a strategic move by Apple TV to leverage its MLS Season Pass, offering fans unparalleled access to all MLS games throughout the season. It’s a perfect blend of sports marketing and digital streaming technology, aiming to attract a broad audience base, from die-hard soccer fans to casual viewers who appreciate the art and community of the sport.

Apple TV  MLS
Apple TV MLS

Engaging Content Across Multiple Platforms

The campaign extends across various media platforms, including social media, where fans can engage with interactive content featuring their favorite players and clubs. This multi-platform approach ensures maximum reach and engagement, helping to boost subscriptions to the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV and enhancing fan interaction.

Exclusive Features and Behind-the-Scenes Access

Subscribers to the MLS Season Pass will enjoy exclusive features like behind-the-scenes access, player interviews, and in-depth analyses, which are part of the broader campaign to deepen fans' connection to their teams. This access turns the viewing experience into an immersive journey through the season, providing insights that go beyond the standard game coverage.

Cultural Integration Through Art

The murals, painted by renowned artists, serve as an excellent example of the cultural significance of soccer in the United States. These artworks not only celebrate the sport but also act as landmarks that integrate MLS into the local cultural scenes of Los Angeles and New York City, symbolizing the league's growth and its role in enriching urban culture.

Based on: Andreas Ekelund's post on LinkedIn


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