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Andreas Rettig Joins DFB as Managing Director for Sport.

Roger Hampel


The German Football Association (DFB) has officially announced Andreas Rettig as their new Managing Director for Sport. This appointment has been welcomed unanimously, marking a significant shift in the DFB's leadership. With extensive experience in the football sector spanning over four decades, Rettig is anticipated to bring transformative changes to the national teams and the academy.

Who is Andreas Rettig?

Andreas Rettig is no stranger to the footballing world. He's a qualified football coach with managerial stints at various Bundesliga clubs including Bayer 04 Leverkusen, SC Freiburg, 1. FC Köln, and FC Augsburg. His administrative skills were further honed during his time as the Managing Director at FC St. Pauli and CEO at Viktoria Köln.

Rettig's managerial acumen isn't limited to clubs; he served as the Managing Director of the DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga) between 2013 and 2015. He has also been a long-standing board member of the DFB and has played a pivotal role in the introduction of youth academies.

The Unanimous Endorsement

Both the DFB President Bernd Neuendorf and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for DFB GmbH & Co KG, Alexander Wehrle, have heaped praise on Rettig. Neuendorf described him as a "strong personality," perfect for the administrative tasks concerning the national teams and academy. Meanwhile, Wehrle lauded Rettig as a "child of the Bundesliga" with multi-faceted skills and an international network.

Why is this Appointment Significant?

Depth of Experience

With 40 years in the industry, Rettig brings an unparalleled depth of experience to the DFB. His long-standing involvement in various capacities provides him with unique insights into both managerial and administrative roles, making him a valuable asset for any organization.

Strong Leadership

Described as "driven" and "strong-willed," Rettig is expected to instill a fresh sense of purpose and direction in the national teams and the academy. This type of robust leadership is especially important given the current challenges facing German football.

Fostering Youth Development

As a person responsible for the introduction of youth academies, Rettig is expected to emphasize grassroots development, ensuring a strong pipeline of talent for the national teams.


Andreas Rettig's appointment as the new Managing Director for Sport at the DFB is a milestone for German football. With his strong leadership qualities and decades of experience, the football community is keen to see how he will revolutionize the national teams and the academy. Given his track record and the unanimous endorsement from the DFB leadership, it is safe to say that Rettig is set to usher in an exciting new era for German football.

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