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AlNassr Club Welcomes Fernando Hierro as New Sporting Director.

Roger Hampel

AlNassr Fernando Hierro
AlNassr Fernando Hierro

AlNassr Club has officially appointed Fernando Hierro, the legendary Spanish footballer and former captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, as its new Sporting Director. This significant acquisition was announced by the club's CEO, Mr. Guido Fienga, during a well-attended signing ceremony.

Fernando Hierro brings a wealth of experience to AlNassr, having previously served as the sporting director for both Guadalajara and Malaga clubs, as well as holding a directorial position with the Spanish national team. His coaching stints at Real Madrid and with the Spanish national team have also been noteworthy, adding depth to his comprehensive understanding of football management and strategy.

In his first message to AlNassr supporters, Hierro expressed his enthusiasm and optimism about joining the club. He conveyed his excitement through the club’s platforms, stating his delight in becoming a part of AlNassr's ambitious projects and looking forward to contributing to the club’s future successes.

Hierro’s appointment is seen as a strategic move by AlNassr to leverage his extensive knowledge and experience in football to enhance the club’s competitive edge both domestically and internationally. His leadership qualities and strategic acumen are expected to bring fresh perspectives to the club’s sports management and help in nurturing young talents as well as enhancing the overall team performance.

The club's decision to bring in a figure with such a distinguished background underscores AlNassr’s commitment to excellence and its ambition to ascend to new heights in the world of football. Fans and supporters of AlNassr are eagerly anticipating the positive changes and developments that Fernando Hierro’s tenure will bring to the club.


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