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Ajax Embarks on Constructing the New "De Nieuwe Toekomst" Training Complex.

Roger Hampel

Ajax De Nieuwe Toekomst
Ajax De Nieuwe Toekomst

Ajax has officially commenced construction of its new training complex, "De Nieuwe Toekomst" (The New Future), which promises to be a state-of-the-art facility for Ajax 1 and Jong Ajax starting from the 2025/2026 season. The groundbreaking ceremony marked the installation of the foundation piles at the site, signaling the beginning of a significant development in the club's infrastructure.

Modernizing Ajax's Training Facilities

Set to replace the current facilities, the construction of the new complex is a part of a master plan aimed at redeveloping the existing 'De Toekomst' site and future expansions. The focus is on reorganizing, structuring, and making sustainable improvements to the sports complex. Over the past few months, preparatory work has been carried out to gear up for the extensive construction activities that will continue throughout the next season.

Building for the Future

In addition to the main building for professional football, known as 'Building A', Ajax is also constructing a new building for the Grounds and Fields Department. Plans for a third building are also underway, which will house the youth academy and the Ajax Women's team, further solidifying Ajax's commitment to nurturing future talent.

Collaborative Efforts

In February, Ajax finalized contracts with key construction firms to bring "De Nieuwe Toekomst" to life. Kondor Wessels Amsterdam, a subsidiary of VolkerWessels, has been tasked with constructing the facilities for professional football, an energy building, and the infrastructure for the Grounds and Fields Department. Additionally, Van Geemen GWW is responsible for developing the new site and its underground infrastructure, ensuring that the project meets modern standards of sustainability and functionality.

A Landmark Development

The development of "De Nieuwe Toekomst" is more than just a construction project; it is an investment in the future of Ajax, aiming to provide top-notch facilities that match the club's prestigious status in European football. This project is expected to enhance the training environment for both current stars and upcoming talents, contributing to the club's long-term success on the international stage.


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