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1. FSV Mainz 05 Renews Premium Partnership with STARCAR Europa Service Group Through 2026.

Roger Hampel

Mainz 05 STARCAR
Mainz 05 STARCAR

Credit: FSV Mainz 05 | David Schössler, Direktor B2B Mainz 05; Marcus Hungerkamp, Vorstand Starcar Europaservice Group; Jannis Hilgerloh, Vorstand Starcar Europaservice Group; Linda Salbach, Associate Director Infront Germany GmbH (from left to right)

STARCAR Europa Service Group has officially extended its premium partnership with Bundesliga club 1. FSV Mainz 05, continuing a successful collaboration that began three years ago. This renewed agreement, which now runs until 2026, solidifies STARCAR's status as a key supporter of the club, underscoring the strength and potential of long-term corporate partnerships in sports.

Strengthened Ties and Expanded Presence

Under this renewed partnership, STARCAR, a leading automotive service provider with over 1,500 locations across Germany and Europe, will maintain a prominent advertising presence. This includes continued visibility on the LED perimeter boards at the MEWA ARENA and the VIP promotional areas within the MEWA LOUNGE. Additionally, the agreement provides STARCAR with a contingent of day tickets for the arena, ensuring visibility and engagement with fans throughout the season.

Exclusive Partnership with Mainz 05 Women’s Team

Expanding beyond their existing terms, STARCAR will now also become the exclusive partner of the Mainz 05 women's team. This extended support will enhance STARCAR's visibility on the women's team interview board and the official team photo, showcasing their commitment to supporting women's sports alongside their established men's team engagements.

Future Plans and Mutual Benefits

Looking ahead, STARCAR plans to host a business customer event at the stadium, aiming to leverage the partnership to create unique experiences for its clients. The partnership will also continue to feature prominently in friendly matches and through tailored activation initiatives that benefit both the club and the partner.

David Schössler, Director of B2B at Mainz 05, expressed his enthusiasm about the continuation of this partnership: "With STARCAR Europa Service Group, we have a strong, internationally active partner that has continuously expanded its commitment to Mainz 05. We are excited to continue this premium partnership based on trust and mutual respect."

Jannis Hilgerloh, Board Member of STARCAR Europa Service Group AG, highlighted the reciprocal benefits of the partnership: "We are delighted about partnerships where both partners grow together over the years. As a mobility service provider, we support the club and the entire region with attractive offers in short- and long-term rentals, car subscriptions, and vehicle purchases. In return, the club helps us continuously increase our visibility and brand awareness."

Linda Salbach, Associate Director at Infront Germany GmbH and Team Leader for Mainz 05, commented on the early renewal: "The early extension of the STARCAR Europa Service Group is another positive example of a lived partnership that is designed for the long term by both sides."


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