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Venezia FC and New York University Tisch School for Global Sport Announce Innovative Partnership.

Roger Hampel

Venezia FC New York University
Venezia FC New York University

Venezia FC has joined forces with the New York University Tisch School for Global Sport, launching a collaboration aimed at merging academic insights with the dynamic world of global soccer marketing. This alliance, announced through an event that showcased the synergy between academic leadership and sports management, marks a pioneering step towards integrating fan intelligence directly into Venezia FC's international marketing strategies.

A Unique Educational Experience in Italy

The cornerstone of this partnership is a unique global field experience set to take place in Italy. This summer, students from NYU will have the opportunity to visit Venezia FC, embarking on a hands-on project designed to gather and analyze fan intelligence. The insights gained from this initiative are expected to play a crucial role in shaping the club's global marketing endeavors, ensuring strategies are both effective and deeply connected to the fan base's core values and preferences.

Bridging Cultures through Soccer

To celebrate the commencement of this partnership, Venezia FC and NYU co-hosted an educational forum titled "The Emergence of a Renewed Global Soccer Phenomenon: Bringing Italian Traditions, Culture, and Il Calcio to the United States." This event, led by Silvia Davi, Venezia FC's Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and Head of Global Partnerships, and Gina Antoniello, Academic Director and Professor at the Tisch Institute, brought together industry experts to discuss the fusion of Italian soccer traditions with the American sports landscape.

An Evening of Insight and Culture

The forum not only highlighted the academic and sporting aspects of the partnership but also celebrated the cultural ties between Italy and the United States. Special thanks were extended to Gina Antoniello for her academic guidance, to NYU's engaged students, and to the panel of experts, including Andy Mitchell, Managing Director and CEO of Lega Serie A NYC, and Marco Messina, Serie A Analyst for CBS Sports and Founder of Italian Football TV (IFTV). Additionally, cultural ambassadors from the Venezia FC NYC Fanclub, Massimiliano Menon, Founder of Vino Navigato, and Venetian Chef Andrea Zanin, Founder of Biancolatte NYC, were acknowledged for their contributions to a memorable evening that blended educational insights with Italian cultural heritage.

Looking Ahead

As Venezia FC and NYU's Tisch School for Global Sport look forward to the next phases of their collaboration, the potential for this partnership to redefine the intersection of sports management, fan engagement, and global marketing strategies is immense. This initiative not only highlights the evolving landscape of global soccer but also sets a precedent for future collaborations between the sports industry and academic institutions, aiming to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beautiful game across continents.

The Football Business Journal is proud to spotlight this innovative collaboration, underscoring the ever-growing connections between academia and the global sports industry. As this partnership unfolds, it promises to offer fresh insights and strategies that could shape the future of football marketing and fan engagement worldwide.


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