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Udinese Calcio And Macron Extend Their Partnership Through The 2030/31 Season.

Roger Hampel

Udinese Calcio Macron
Udinese Calcio Macron

Udinese Calcio and Macron have reaffirmed their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and shared community values by renewing their technical partnership until the 2030-31 season. This extension solidifies a relationship that began in 2018 and has since transcended the typical boundaries of a commercial agreement, evolving into a deep and productive collaboration between the two entities.

A Decade of Growth and Shared Vision

Over the past six years, the partnership between the Friulian club and Macron has been marked by a series of successful ventures that highlight their mutual dedication to both sporting excellence and social responsibility. Their collaboration has been particularly notable for its focus on environmental sustainability—a core value for both organizations.

Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Practices

Udinese was the first of Macron's top clubs to adopt an eco-conscious approach by opting to wear match shirts made from Eco Fabric in 2020. This material, a 100% recycled polyester fabric made from PET bottles, represents a significant step forward in the sport's industry’s push towards sustainability. This choice reflects a broader commitment that has positioned Udinese as the fourth most sustainable club globally and the leader in Italy.

Innovations in Sportswear and Community Engagement

The partnership has also been characterized by the creation of jerseys that not only serve athletic purposes but also celebrate and narrate the history, traditions, and symbols of Friuli—the region Udinese represents. These jerseys enhance the local identity and foster a strong sense of belonging among fans. The collaboration extends beyond the pitch, with Macron’s sportswear available in the exclusive Macron Sports Hub at the Bluenergy Stadium and soon in a new Macron Store in central Udine. This store will not only feature team merchandising but also Macron’s leisure clothing lines.

A Relationship Beyond Commerce

Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron, emphasized that the bond with Udinese goes well beyond commercial interests. "Our relationship is a shared project influenced by both corporate and personal decisions aimed at achieving common goals," Pavanello explained. This partnership has been instrumental in developing innovative collections that blend Udinese's rich history with modern graphic and design experimentation, resulting in unique and exclusive sportswear.

Future Goals and Aspirations

As the partnership looks to the future, the focus remains on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sportswear design and sustainability. Franco Collavino, General Manager of Udinese Calcio, noted, "Being together for 13 years signifies total sharing and commitment. With this renewal, we not only continue a successful relationship but also reinforce our shared ideals and tackle future challenges together. Our journey with Macron has made Udinese stronger, greener, and more innovative."

Source/Credit: Udinese Media


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