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Tsunami Nutrition Joins Forces with FC Internazionale Milano as Official Nutritional Supplements Supplier.

Roger Hampel

Tsunami Nutrition FC Internazionale Milano
Tsunami Nutrition FC Internazionale Milano

In a significant partnership that marks a new era in sports nutrition, Tsunami Nutrition has recently been named the Official Nutritional Supplements Supplier of FC Internazionale Milano. This collaboration, spanning the next two sports seasons, signifies a union of two dynamic and innovative 'Made in Italy' brands.

The Partnership

FC Internazionale Milano, a powerhouse in Italian football, and Tsunami Nutrition, a leader in dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, have entered into an agreement that promises to blend sports performance with cutting-edge nutrition. Both entities share a common vision of growth and innovation, making this partnership a perfect synergy of goals and values.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovation and Quality: Tsunami Nutrition, known for its commitment to progress and technological advancements, ensures that its products are synonymous with purity and quality. This aligns perfectly with Inter's dedication to excellence on and off the pitch.

  • Collaborative Efforts: Luca Di Pietrantonio, CEO of Tsunami Nutrition, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. The collaboration will extend beyond product supply, involving joint efforts with Inter's medical staff to address nutrition and integration in football.

  • On-Site Presence: Tsunami Nutrition will engage in product placement activities at the Suning Training Centre and the Konami Youth Development Centre, enhancing its visibility and association with elite sports training.

  • Educational Initiatives: The partnership also includes plans for digital content and webinars throughout the season, featuring Nerazzurri technical staff, focusing on sports nutrition and athlete development.

Implications for Sports Nutrition

This partnership is more than just a supply agreement; it's a testament to the growing importance of nutrition in elite sports. By joining forces with a top-tier football club like Inter Milan, Tsunami Nutrition underscores the critical role that dietary supplements and nutraceuticals play in optimizing athletic performance and recovery.


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