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TSG Hoffenheim Announces a Partnership with Californian COPA Soccer Training Center.

Roger Hampel

TSG Hoffenheim COPA
TSG Hoffenheim COPA

From Left: Jan Mayer (CEO of TSG Hoffenheim) and Mark Hall (CEO of COPA STC)

German Bundesliga's TSG Hoffenheim has announced a landmark three-year partnership with the California-based COPA Soccer Training Center (COPA STC), located in Walnut Creek. This collaboration, rich in scientific and innovative spirit, is set to revolutionize the football landscape by combining the expertise of a renowned German football club with the advanced training methodologies of an American center.

COPA STC, founded in 2015 by CEO Mark Hall, stands out with its state-of-the-art facilities that span over 10,000 square meters. Equipped with high-tech systems and a team of experienced coaches, the center is a haven for both upcoming MLS talents and seasoned professionals, providing a holistic approach to their development. Mark Hall, an advocate for a data-driven approach in football, is committed to establishing a standardized test for objectively assessing football players’ skills – a vision now shared with TSG Hoffenheim.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jan Mayer, TSG's CEO, the club will lend its expertise in physiological, psychological, and cognitive diagnostics to enhance COPA STC's training program. "Over the past years, we have consistently evolved into an innovation leader in German football," Mayer stated, highlighting the global impact of their innovative approach. He expressed his excitement about this collaboration, seeing it as a remarkable step in securing another outstanding international partner in the realm of football innovation.

Mark Hall, impressed by TSG Hoffenheim's scientific approach and methodology, sees this partnership as a benchmark for others to follow. "The exceptional expertise of TSG and its scientifically grounded approach have left a lasting impression on me," Hall remarked, commending TSG’s player-centric and morally integral approach to football.

TSG Hoffenheim COPA
TSG Hoffenheim COPA

Hall commended TSG for their scientific approach and ethical integrity in player development, which he finds inspirational for his own organization. Mayer, who had previously visited COPA STC, expressed his enthusiasm for contributing to the growth of soccer in the U.S. He will join the scientific committee (Advisory Board) as part of this developmental work.

This partnership with COPA STC is a strategic extension of TSG Hoffenheim's influence in the United States. The team has previously partnered with FC Cincinnati, which recently achieved a major success in MLS by winning the Supporters’ Shield in 2023, their first in the league’s history.

Source: TSG Hoffenheim


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