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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: The New Home of the NFL in the UK.

Roger Hampel


In an exciting development for sports enthusiasts, Tottenham Hotspur and the NFL have recently expanded their unique partnership until the 2029–2030 season. With this move, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is now officially designated as the "Home of the NFL" in the United Kingdom. This multi-year deal further strengthens the bond between American football and soccer, promising an array of exciting events and significant economic impact for London.

Pioneering Partnership

Tottenham Hotspur is the only stadium built outside the United States specifically for NFL games, complete with its playing surface, locker rooms, and media areas. The partnership has already produced a string of unforgettable games and significant community engagement, playing host to 12 of the NFL's 32 teams.

Mutual Benefits and Economic Impact

The collaboration serves as a recurring revenue source for Tottenham Hotspur, according to Chairman Daniel Levy. It also attracts a global fan base to the Tottenham area, boosting the local economy. Mayor Sadiq Khan praised the partnership, noting that the stadium adds over £300 million annually to London's economy.

More Than Just Games

It's not all about touchdowns and tackles. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has also served as a venue for halftime shows featuring major musical acts, military flyovers, and even performances of the U.S. national anthem on the stadium's roof. This partnership goes beyond sports, serving as an entertainment hub that benefits the local community.

A Win for Local Businesses and Job Creation

The influx of NFL fans has had a trickle-down effect on local businesses along Tottenham's High Road, experiencing an increase in foot traffic on game days. Moreover, the development of the stadium has created more than 4,000 jobs for locals.

Community Outreach and Future Plans

The partnership has also enabled various NFL community programs in collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur and other brands like Nike. From giving young people opportunities to engage in football activities to hosting the NFL Academy Combine, this alliance has tangible benefits for the community.


The extended partnership between Tottenham Hotspur and the NFL heralds a new era in international sports collaborations. Not only does it signify the globalization of American football but also demonstrates how such partnerships can catalyze economic development and community engagement.


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