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The Partnership That Brings LaLiga and Al Ahly Together Ahead of Semi-Final against Real Madrid.


A club widely recognized as possessing the highest degree of success on a global scale is slated to participate in the semi-final match of the Club World Cup, engaging in competition with Al-Ahly Cairo and Real Madrid on Wednesday. It is important to note that this club is not the current Spanish champion, and a considerable portion of the population in Europe remains unacquainted with the formidable popularity and strength of the Egyptian club.

Determining an exact number of trophies accumulated by Al-Ahly can prove to be a challenging task due to ambiguity surrounding the official recognition of certain awards. Nevertheless, a notable accumulation includes 42 Egyptian championships, 37 domestic cup titles, 12 Super Cups, 10 Champions League victories, four African Cup Winners' Cups, eight African Super Cups, and one African Confederations Cup. Furthermore, there are four regional cup competitions featuring Arab clubs that could also be considered official, adding an additional 118 trophies and placing Al-Ahly at the forefront of the most successful clubs in the world, surpassing Scottish Rangers by two titles. Additionally, Al-Ahly has claimed 24 additional trophies in Egyptian competitions and one in the Afro-Asian Cup, which has not been played since 2000, bringing the total number of trophies to 143 and solidifying its position as the most successful club globally.


In 2021, LaLiga, the Spanish top-flight club, joined forces with African football giant Al Ahly SC to support the future of the sport through education. Through its educational division, LaLiga Business School, the club launched a course as part of its MBA program in partnership with Al Ahly. The course, entitled "The MBA of LaLiga", aimed to prepare individuals seeking to drive change in the sports and entertainment industry and drew on the expertise of top professionals in the field.

The course included six comprehensive modules, covering topics such as management in the sports industry, digital and technological advancements, major sporting events, media and entertainment, innovation and entrepreneurship, and new marketing strategies. The program also utilized case studies from LaLiga and its 42 clubs, as well as other stakeholders in the sports, entertainment, technology and digital communities. One such case study was on Al Ahly SC, entitled "From Regional Leadership to International Prestige: The Journey of the 20th Century African Club with the Largest Fanbase".

In addition to the core curriculum, students were also treated to a range of benefits, including hands-on sessions with top clubs and organizations such as Al Ahly SC, Premier League, Serie A, and MLS, and international trips to New York and Miami. The MBA was open to international applicants, including Egyptians, and was designed to ensure a high-quality experience for each participant, with limited enrolment available.

Jose Moya, the director of LaLiga Business School, stated that the partnership with Al Ahly would bring a fresh international perspective to the football world and help professionalize the global sports industry. Meanwhile, Juan Fuentes, LaLiga's Egypt delegate, expressed excitement about the collaboration and said that the relationship with Al Ahly had been strong from the start, with plans to work on larger projects in the future.

Through this program, LaLiga and Al Ahly aimed to foster growth in the football industry by attracting and developing talented individuals. By combining the expertise of LaLiga and Al Ahly, the program aimed to provide students with a diverse and comprehensive education in the field of sports and entertainment.

In conclusion, LaLiga's partnership with Al Ahly SC is a significant move towards ensuring the future of the beautiful game through education. By offering students the opportunity to learn from the best professionals in the sports industry, and providing hands-on experience through internships and international trips, LaLiga and Al Ahly SC are helping to professionalize the global sports industry and cultivate the talents of tomorrow.


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