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The Impact of Sevilla FC's Digital Expansion in China on Business Opportunities and Partnerships.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Roger Hampel


As we can read in the new LaLiga Newsletter, Sevilla FC has experienced remarkable digital growth in China, gaining almost 193,000 new followers on Sina Weibo in 2022, which was the seventh-highest increase among all European football clubs. The club is poised for continued growth in the Chinese market in 2023, following a successful campaign for the Chinese New Year. This expansion has resulted in increased partnerships and value offerings for Sevilla FC. China is a critical market for the club, and their investments in digital and in-person internationalization efforts are paying off. Sevilla FC's growth on Sina Weibo was part of their five-year digital strategy in China, with exponential growth in the past three years due to the creation of culturally relevant content that resonates with Chinese audiences. In addition to Sina Weibo, the club is also achieving substantial growth on WeChat and Douyin. Sevilla FC hosts an average of four live events per year in China, which significantly boost their follower count during these key moments.

According to Sevilla FC, their digital graphics on Chinese social media are influenced by current trends, and they concentrate on community management to connect with users, respond to their needs, and establish a Sevilla FC community in China. The club's live streams on Weibo are particularly valuable to their digital ecosystem in the region.


Besides this, there are several other reasons for Sevilla FC's social media prosperity in China. The club has made significant progress in enhancing its brand in 2022 by implementing more matchday activities and launching a new audiovisual identity.

Sevilla FC's digital expansion in China has also benefited its partners. The club has been able to offer unique and targeted sponsorship packages to companies looking to increase their exposure in the Chinese market. Through the club's digital platforms and live events, partners can reach a large and engaged audience of football and culture enthusiasts.

Sevilla FC's triumphant digital presence in China has enabled them to expand their projects in the region, aligning with the club's strategic plan of prioritizing digitalization and internationalization. As a result of their online success, the club has been able to pursue numerous offline initiatives.

According to Sevilla FC, "after establishing ourselves digitally in China, we are now reinforcing our strategy with targeted activities." These endeavors include collaborations with local sponsors such as TLCBET and Valvoline, as well as a partnership with International School Services to create football schools in the country.


Sevilla FC's commitment to growing their digital presence in China has not only led to increased follower counts and partnerships but has also strengthened the club's connection with Chinese fans. The club understands the importance of comprehending their fan base's interests, preferences, and consumption patterns in China and other strategic markets. As such, they have developed a strategy to not only communicate with their audience in their language but also to overcome cultural hurdles and present their values and unique characteristics in a way that is in line with Chinese customs.

In 2023, Sevilla FC will continue to work on their digital content plan in China, building on the success of the previous year. The club's Chinese New Year content plan included various messages in Chinese and even invited children from Seville's Chinese Culture Centre to a LaLiga Santander match against Cádiz CF. As a result, the club gained 7,900 new followers during the Chinese New Year period, 85 times more than the previous year, and an 81% increase in views and a 76% increase in engagement.

Overall, Sevilla FC's remarkable success in China is expected to bring both direct and indirect benefits to the club. Directly, the increase in social media followers and engagement in the region and globally will be the main benefit. Indirectly, the club's success will offer greater visibility and reach to Sevilla FC's partners and sponsors in China. Sevilla FC is already developing specific digital content packages according to their partners' needs, which generates an economic benefit and reinforces both brands in the country. Sevilla FC's investment in digital growth in China has paid off in numerous ways. The club has gained new followers, formed valuable partnerships, and strengthened its connection with Chinese fans. As the club continues to grow its presence in China, it is well positioned to become a leading football club in the region and a cultural ambassador for Andalusia.



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