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TFF and McDonald's Extend Partnership to 2026: A Significant Boost for Turkish Football.

Roger Hampel

TFF McDonald's
TFF McDonald's

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has renewed its influential partnership with McDonald's, extending its official sponsorship of both the Men's and Women's National Teams and the primary sponsorship of the eNational Teams until 2026. This extension symbolizes a strong commitment to Turkish football's growth and visibility on the global stage.

A Unified Vision for Turkish Football

At the sponsorship launch event hosted at the Riva Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities, key figures from both organizations highlighted the significance of this extended partnership. TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi, McDonald's CEO Mwaffak Kanjee, and various TFF officials and team coaches were present, emphasizing the unified vision for the advancement of Turkish football.

McDonald's: More Than a Sponsor

McDonald's involvement with TFF since 2020 has been transformative. Initially gaining the title of "Flavor Sponsor" for the National Teams, McDonald's has actively supported the development of women's football in Turkey. Initiatives like broadcasting Women's National Team matches on Sportstv and launching campaigns to promote gender equality in sports have been pivotal. The renewal of this partnership ensures McDonald's continued support for these crucial areas, including the eNational Teams, demonstrating a balanced approach to supporting both men's and women's football.

TFF's Strategy for Growth and Success

TFF President Büyükekşi highlighted the importance of sponsorships in achieving sustainable success in football. He noted that the renewal of the McDonald's partnership, along with other sponsorships, plays a crucial role in enhancing Turkish football's brand and achieving substantial, lasting successes. This is evident in the 62% increase in sponsorship revenues since the current TFF administration took office, showcasing a strategic approach to financial and developmental growth.

Focusing on the Future

The extended partnership comes at a time when Turkish football is enjoying increased visibility and success. With the national teams vying for spots in upcoming major tournaments and the eNational Team qualifying for the FIFA eNations Cup 2023, the support from McDonald's and other sponsors is more vital than ever. Büyükekşi expressed confidence that these sponsorships would contribute to the national teams' growing success.

McDonald's Commitment to Turkish Football

McDonald's CEO Mwaffak Kanjee reiterated the company's pride in supporting the Turkish national teams, especially in the historic year of the Republic's 100th anniversary. This continued support underlines McDonald's commitment to contributing to the nation's sporting achievements and promoting positive community values.

A Partnership Benefitting All

The extension of this sponsorship agreement is not just a business transaction; it's a testament to McDonald's commitment to supporting Turkish football at all levels. From the grassroots to the national stage, this partnership aims to elevate Turkish football, promote inclusivity, and enhance the fan experience.


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