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Sevilla FC Expands Global Footprint with Gangwon FC in Landmark Strategic Partnership.

Roger Hampel

Sevilla FC Gangwon FC
Sevilla FC Gangwon FC

Sevilla FC and Gangwon FC, a rising star in the Korean K-League, have embarked on a groundbreaking strategic alliance. Announced on January 9, 2024, this partnership is set to bolster Sevilla FC's brand presence in South Korea, while Gangwon FC aims to elevate its strategic prowess by leveraging Sevilla FC's rich experience and knowledge.

Sevilla FC and South Korea

Sevilla FC and Gangwon FC's agreement represents a significant step in their development plans. Under the 'World Club Alliance Program' spearheaded by Sevilla FC's Innovation Center, Gangwon FC will gain access to comprehensive football development advisory services. This collaboration is expected to enhance all football-related areas of Gangwon FC, benefiting from Sevilla FC's vast experience and expertise. Meanwhile, Sevilla FC looks to strengthen its strategic brand positioning in South Korea, a key market in its ambitious Internationalization Plan.

The intent of Gangwon FC, founded in 2008, aligns perfectly with Sevilla FC's commitment to share its 134-year legacy and recent advancements in training methodologies, player and coach development, and proprietary technological tools with non-competitive clubs. This collaboration marks a significant step in Sevilla FC's Internationalization Plan, combining their technological leadership in football with South Korea's global leadership in innovation and digital technologies.

The 'World Club Alliance Program', previously implemented with Bengaluru United FC of India, will enable Gangwon FC to leverage Sevilla FC's advancements in R&D and technology. This agreement is set to foster mutual development in innovative football technologies, especially in a country renowned for its technological prowess.

Byung Ji Kim, the leader of Gangwon FC, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership. He noted Sevilla FC's self-developed success and evolution into a European football powerhouse, inspiring Gangwon FC's ambitions. This alliance is seen as a catalyst for long-term cooperation and growth for both clubs.

A Growing Football Relationship

Sevilla FC is not new to Korean football. A few months ago, 25 coaches from the Korean Football Association (KFA) attended a 10-day training at the SFC Academy. They participated in workshops and observed training sessions, learning from Sevilla FC's work methodologies and technological developments.

The partnership extends beyond strategic planning. Sevilla FC will assist Gangwon FC in identifying young talents in South Korea, provide intensive training programs in both Sevilla and Gangwon for Korean players, and help develop a football-specific R&D department, replicating Sevilla's successful model.


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