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Rudi Garcia was Dismissed as Al-Nassr's Coach.

Salem Badughaish


The management of the Al-Nassr football club has put forward the opinion of the Portuguese football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of their first team, that adopting an attacking playing style that suits the capabilities available to the capital team is necessary, as a primary reason for the dismissal of French coach Rudi Garcia. This was broadcasted by "Urgent - Sports" account yesterday at 07:46 PM, especially since this approach contradicts the method of the dismissed French coach, according to "Al Riyadh" sources.

According to the sources, the coach's dismissal was not on the Al-Nassr management's mind after the 0-0 draw with Al-Fayhaa last Sunday in the 23rd round of the "Roshan" league. However, it began to materialize the next day, after Garcia met with his players immediately after the training session and launched a verbal attack on them, which the management learned of. "I have spoiled you enough," "You are an ordinary player," "Go to the reserves," were some of the phrases mixed with anger and sarcasm that the Frenchman Rudi Garcia uttered in his last meeting with his players, and it was the beginning of the end of his presence in the club, according to sources.

The capital club dismissed the French coach from his position yesterday and appointed Croatian Dinko Gelicic as an interim coach. The coach blamed the players for losing two points in the league title race and mocked winger Abdulrahman Ghareeb, calling him "Jeddah King" and telling him, "Who are you to complain about being replaced in the game? I have favored you in many games, and you are an ordinary player... From today, you are out of my calculations," continuing to mock the player by saying, "Since you did not play yesterday, you now need to take a strong training session with the reserves." Ghareeb started the Al-Fayhaa match and appeared angry on the sidelines after being substituted in the 68th minute and replaced by Majed Khashoggi.

After the coach finished criticizing Ghareeb in his meeting, he directed his words to the right-back Sultan Al-Ghannam, accusing him of not implementing the technical instructions, preferring the defender Ali Al-Lajami in the right-back position.


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