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Riyadh Air, Atlético de Madrid's new main sponsor!

Salem Badughaish

Riyadh Air and Atlético de Madrid announced a multi-year sponsorship agreement on August 10, 2023. As part of the deal, Riyadh Air will become the main sponsor of the Spanish club. The logo of Riyadh Air will be present on the team kits of the players.

This partnership is a strategic move for both Riyadh Air and Atlético de Madrid. Riyadh Air is a new airline that is scheduled to begin operations in 2025. This sponsorship agreement will help Riyadh Air to raise its profile and reach a global audience. Atlético de Madrid is a major European soccer club with a large fan base around the world. This partnership will help Riyadh Air to connect with its target market and generate excitement for its upcoming launch.

The sponsorship agreement also reflects the shared values of Riyadh Air and Atlético de Madrid. Both organizations are committed to excellence, innovation, and providing a world-class experience to their customers. This partnership will help both organizations to achieve their goals and reach new heights. The financial terms of the sponsorship agreement were not disclosed. However, it is believed to be a significant deal for both parties. This partnership is a major coup for Riyadh Air and Atlético de Madrid, and it is sure to generate a lot of excitement among fans of both organizations.


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