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Paris Saint-Germain Makes a Bold Move: Opening an Official Store in London.

Roger Hampel


The first foreign sports club to open a store in the UK capital, PSG is now closer to its British fans than ever before.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is already a household name among football fans worldwide, but their recent move to open an official store on Oxford Street in London is more than just a headline grabber—it's a strategic leap. In partnership with Lids, PSG has inaugurated a state-of-the-art store, making them the first non-British sports club to have a retail outlet in the UK capital. This move is an integral part of PSG's innovative strategy to develop a permanent retail network across the world's major cities.

A Growing Footprint in International Markets

The Parisian club has been on an international expansion spree, opening official stores in cities like Doha, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Miami, and most recently, Las Vegas. The club’s move to open a store in London is founded on a decade-long effort to increase brand awareness and to position itself as a lifestyle brand through exclusive collections and collaborations with top designers.

The UK: PSG's Second-Biggest Merchandising Market

For PSG, the United Kingdom is not an unfamiliar market. It is already the club's 2nd-largest market in terms of merchandise sales. The Rouge & Bleu PSG Jersey has found favor among many Brits, particularly the younger generation. Paris Saint-Germain first marked its presence in the country in 2016, through its PSG Academy network, and has been nurturing young British talent across 10 academies, including in London and Manchester.

More than Just a Store: A Community Hub

Located at 192 Oxford Street, the store will operate seven days a week and span a whopping 450 square meters. Fans can expect to find the latest home and away shirts for the 2023/24 season, training apparel, caps, scarves, and even figurines of their favorite players.

But it’s more than just a shopping destination; the store aims to be a community hub that brings together PSG fans from not just the UK but also the extensive French population living in London and other followers from around the globe. With more than 4.5 million followers on X (formerly Twitter) in the UK alone, the fan base is already buzzing with excitement.

What the Experts are Saying

Paris Saint-Germain Chief Brand Officer Fabien Allègre has expressed immense pride in this new venture, stating, "London is one of the world’s leading capitals of culture and a unique source of inspiration. Paris Saint-Germain is extremely proud to be the first foreign club to set up shop there.”

Lawrence Berger, Co-Founder and Partner at Ames Watson, owner of Lids, also expressed enthusiasm for the new store: “We are thrilled to continue to grow the Lids partnership with Paris Saint-Germain. We have had incredible success with PSG stores in New York City, Miami, and Las Vegas and look forward to additional exciting store announcements in the near future.”

The Takeaway

Paris Saint-Germain's expansion into London is not just a retail strategy; it's a comprehensive plan to connect more closely with an already loyal and growing fan base. As the first foreign club to make such a move in London, PSG sets a precedent in the industry, solidifying its status as a global brand and a lifestyle choice.

For fans in London, Paris is now closer than ever, right on Oxford Street.

Address: 192 Oxford St, London W1D 1NS

Opening Hours: 10-8 [Monday-Saturday] + 12-6 [Sunday]

About Lids

Lids Sports Group is the largest licensed sports retailer in North America, operating over 2,000 retail locations across North America, Europe, and Australia. For more information, visit Lids Sports Group.

Source: PSG: London calling as Paris Saint-Germain opens store in UK capital


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