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Oxford United Stadium Update: A Vision for a Modern, Community-Driven Future.

Roger Hampel

Oxford United Stadium
Oxford United Stadium

Oxford United is taking a significant step forward with plans for a new stadium, anticipated to revolutionize both the sporting and social landscapes of Oxfordshire. Slated for planning consideration in early 2025, this ambitious project promises not only a sporting venue but also a pivotal community hub.

A Strategic Development

Located on a site known as the Triangle near Kidlington, the proposed 16,000-capacity stadium is part of a broader vision that includes a 180-bed hotel, a restaurant, conference facilities, and a health & wellbeing space. The development plan also features a gym and a community plaza, ensuring that the new stadium becomes a cornerstone for both local and visiting populations.

Collaborative Planning Efforts

The stadium project's progress is the result of continual discussions with Oxfordshire County Council, Cherwell District Council, and other key stakeholders. These discussions have been crucial, especially with the additional information and studies requested by the councils to ensure that all aspects of the project meet the required standards and positively impact the community.

Navigating Challenges

The project management team is navigating through extensive planning and modeling to address any concerns regarding transport, ecology, and the overall impact of the development. This meticulous planning phase is crucial, particularly as the development is within a Green Belt area, which requires careful examination and compliance with stringent environmental standards.

Economic and Social Impact

The new stadium is set to deliver substantial economic benefits to the region. By creating new jobs, boosting tourism, and improving transport links, the project aims to enhance the overall quality of life in Oxfordshire. The design focuses on inclusivity and sustainability, including features like the UK’s first all-electric stadium, a sensory room, wheelchair spaces, and wellbeing gardens, emphasizing the club's commitment to social responsibility.

Future Plans and Community Engagement

With the lease at Kassam Stadium expiring in 2026, Oxford United is also exploring alternative arrangements to ensure a seamless transition to the new facility. The club has secured legal agreements that solidify its future presence and operational stability at the new site.

Commitment to Long-Term Community Benefits

The community collaboration agreement formalized by the club underscores its dedication to delivering long-term benefits to the local community. This aligns with strategic priorities set by the council, focusing on social, environmental, and economic enhancements.


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