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NFL Showdown at Allianz Arena: Carolina Panthers Set to Play in Munich.

Roger Hampel

NFL Allianz Arena
NFL Allianz Arena

A Spectacular Return of NFL to Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena, primarily known as the fortress of FC Bayern Munich, is gearing up to host another landmark event – an NFL regular-season game featuring the Carolina Panthers in 2024. This announcement marks a significant return of American football to the iconic German stadium, following a successful match in the autumn of 2022.

Building on a Historic Connection

Andreas Jung, FC Bayern's board member for marketing, expressed his enthusiasm for the NFL's return. "The previous NFL match at the Allianz Arena was an unforgettable experience, and we aim to build on that success," he said. The connection between FC Bayern and the Carolina Panthers dates back to 2016 when FC Bayern played a friendly match against Inter Milan at the Panthers' home stadium in Charlotte during the Audi Summer Tour, where they secured a 4-1 victory. "It's a great story to now welcome the Panthers to Munich," Jung added.

Anticipation for the Big Game

The NFL's decision to bring a regular-season game to the Allianz Arena is a testament to the growing popularity of American football in Europe, and particularly in Germany. The specific date and the Panthers' opponent for the 2024 game will be announced in the coming months, adding to the anticipation among fans of both American football and FC Bayern.

A Diverse Venue for Major Sports Events

The Allianz Arena is showcasing its versatility as a venue, capable of hosting major sports events beyond football (soccer). The stadium is set to offer a unique experience for NFL fans, with its state-of-the-art facilities and electric atmosphere. This game is not only significant for NFL enthusiasts but also for sports fans in Europe, providing them with a rare opportunity to witness live American football action.


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