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MG Revs Up Partnership with Arsenal as Official Automotive Partner.

Roger Hampel

MG Arsenal
MG Arsenal

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MG Motor UK has struck a multi-year partnership with Arsenal, becoming the club’s Official Automotive Partner in a landmark deal announced by Arsenal Media on January 26, 2024. This partnership coincides with MG's centennial celebration, signifying a pivotal moment in the company's history.

A Century of MG Celebrated with Arsenal Collaboration

In its 100th year, MG is not only commemorating a century of automotive excellence but also propelling its brand into the future with this dynamic partnership. MG will support both the men’s and women's teams of Arsenal, and fans will witness MG's brand presence at two iconic venues: Emirates Stadium and Meadow Park.

Creating Engaging Content for a Global Audience

MG and Arsenal are set to collaborate on creating compelling content that resonates with the club's vast global fan base. This initiative aims to deepen the connection between the fans and these two esteemed entities.

Driving Forward the Future of Football

Guy Pigounakis, MG Motor UK's Commercial Director, emphasized the significance of aligning with Arsenal, particularly in championing the women’s professional game. MG’s commitment to football, according to Pigounakis, is rooted in a passion for the sport and a desire to contribute to its evolution.

Aligning Heritage with Forward-Thinking

Juliet Slot, Chief Commercial Officer at Arsenal, welcomed MG to the Arsenal family, praising the brand's blend of rich heritage and progressive outlook. The partnership is particularly exciting for Arsenal, as MG brings a forward-thinking approach to sustainable electric vehicles, aligning perfectly with the club's ambitions.

MG's Electric Vehicles Leading the Charge

MG's prominence as a favorite electric vehicle brand in the UK is bolstered by impressive sales figures and award-winning models like the MG4 EV. The anticipation for the Cyberster convertible, set to debut in the 2024/25 season, exemplifies MG's blend of innovation and performance that Arsenal is proud to associate with.

This partnership marks a fusion of tradition and innovation, with Arsenal and MG joining forces to kick off a new chapter that promises to electrify the world of football and automotive excellence alike.

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