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Inter Milan Partners with NOVA88 to Expand Asian Market Presence.

Roger Hampel


FC Internazionale Milano, one of the giants in Italian football, has embarked on a significant partnership with NOVA88, a front-runner in the online entertainment platforms in Asia. This collaboration not only broadens the horizons for both entities but also sets new benchmarks in sports marketing and sponsorship.

Cutting-Edge Visual Experience

In a move that promises to revolutionize the way fans experience Serie A and Coppa Italia matches at the San Siro, this partnership will feature NOVA88's brand on the Club's avant-garde LED advertising boards. Leveraging digital overlay geolocation technology, the deal aims to boost the visual experience during games. This is a significant nod toward the fusion of sports and technology, a space that is increasingly drawing attention and investment.

Expanding Footprint in Asia

Inter Milan's partnership with NOVA88 is not merely a commercial venture; it's a strategic initiative aimed at enlarging the Club's footprint in Asia. Through a series of digital initiatives, the partnership will have a comprehensive impact across Inter's official website and digital ecosystem. NOVA88 will capitalize on this platform to deepen its connection with football fans, thereby amplifying its brand presence in the Asian market.

Exclusive Content for Fans

Another feather in the cap of this collaboration is the exclusive content featuring Inter's players, also known as the Nerazzurri. Fans can look forward to unique and intimate glimpses into the lives and routines of their football heroes throughout the 2023/24 sports season.

A Win-Win Collaboration

According to Keith Lim, the Head of PR for NOVA88, this collaboration is a "significant milestone in NOVA88 brand’s journey." It is a mutually beneficial partnership, allowing NOVA88 to deepen its involvement in football-related partnerships while providing Inter Milan with the opportunity to extend its global reach.

What Lies Ahead

As both entities look toward the future, one thing is certain: their joint efforts are going to set a precedent in the realms of sports sponsorship and fan engagement. With an eye on innovation and a commitment to providing an enriching experience for fans, Inter Milan and NOVA88 are set to redefine the boundaries of what partnerships in sports can achieve.

In Summary, the partnership between Inter Milan and NOVA88 is a step toward the future of sports sponsorships, offering enhanced visual experiences, exclusive content, and a larger footprint in the Asian markets for both parties. This collaboration sets the stage for a transformative era in sports marketing and brand expansion.


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