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How Luciano Vietto's Jersey Surrender Could Seal Lionel Messi's Record-Breaking Transfer to Al-Hilal

Salem Badughaish The Gulf News #3


Messi's immense brand and marketing value, particularly associated with his number 10 jersey, presents a compelling business opportunity for football industry stakeholders. The rising speculation in Saudi Arabia surrounding Messi's potential move to Al-Hilal has generated widespread interest, with rumors suggesting that his arrival could prompt fellow countryman and current Al-Hilal striker Luciano Vito to surrender his coveted number 10 jersey.

The number 10 shirt is widely recognized as a prestigious symbol of excellence, often reserved for top playmakers and strikers, and has been notably worn by iconic footballers. The prospect of Messi joining Al Hilal has sent Saudi sports fans into a frenzy, eagerly anticipating which jersey number the legendary player will wear should the negotiations prove successful.

Reports have emerged that the Saudi Pro League is offering Messi an unprecedented £194m-a-year deal, which would make it the most lucrative contract in football history. If Messi accepts the offer, it would be a seismic shift in the industry and a major coup for the Saudi Pro League.

Messi's potential move to Al Hilal has captured the attention of the footballing world, with stakeholders closely following the negotiations and their potential implications. The added element of Vito being Messi's fellow countryman has further piqued interest in this high-profile transfer, with many speculating on whether Vito would be willing to give up his number 10 jersey for his compatriot.


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