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Google Pixel's Endeavor with Liverpool and Arsenal: Elevating the Football Fan Experience.

Roger Hampel

FOT: Google

In collaboration with esteemed Premier League stalwarts, Arsenal and Liverpool, Google Pixel is on a mission to transform the digital football narrative for their extensive fanbase.

Today heralds a notable milestone as Google Pixel embarks on a journey with Arsenal and Liverpool Football Clubs, becoming their Official Mobile Phone partner. These esteemed clubs, pillars of the Premier League, now have Pixel by their side. This collaboration not only deepens Pixel's ties with The FA but also accentuates its influence in both domestic and international football spheres, aiming to bring fans closer to the heartbeat of the sport they so passionately follow.

With histories rich in triumphs and fervor, both Arsenal and Liverpool stand tall. Through this partnership, the power of Pixel’s AI-infused camera, along with its plethora of state-of-the-art features, will be harnessed. The vision? To create unparalleled content and tech-inspired experiences, resonating both within iconic arenas like Anfield and the Emirates and with the global community tuning in from their homes.

The first year promises innovation. Liverpool Football Club is set to unveil their premiere YouTube show dedicated to women's football. This show will pull back the curtain, showcasing the Reds' enthralling journey in the Women's Super League. Simultaneously, Arsenal enthusiasts can look forward to exclusive insights from every home match of both the Premier League and the Women's Super League. Taking fan engagement a notch higher is the introduction of the “Pitchside, Presented by Pixel” series, set to deliver an unparalleled match-day vibe, captured entirely using Pixel phones.

Beyond these ventures, Google Pixel’s commitment to gender equality remains unwavering. By uniting with both clubs, the goal is clear - to bring women's football to the limelight, addressing the visibility gap and carving out novel ways for aficionados to engage and cherish the game.


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