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FC St. Pauli and Congstar Renew Partnership: A Commitment to Social Responsibility and Innovation.

Roger Hampel

FC St. Pauli Congstar
FC St. Pauli Congstar

FC St. Pauli and Congstar have announced an early extension of their partnership through to the end of the 2027/28 season, solidifying a relationship that not only underscores their longstanding collaboration but also their commitment to addressing societal issues. This agreement marks Congstar as the longest uninterrupted main sponsor in the second Bundesliga, having first adorned the St. Pauli jersey from 2006 to 2009, with a notable re-engagement starting in 2014.

Since 2019, Congstar has also supported FC St. Pauli’s ventures into the gaming world, spearheading initiatives like the Mobile Gaming Festival at Millerntor and the "Stream’n’Play" digital event, which celebrated its fourth iteration in 2023. These initiatives reflect a dynamic approach to modern fan engagement, blending traditional sports with digital experiences.

Wilken Engelbracht, FC St. Pauli's Commercial Director, expressed gratitude for the renewed partnership, especially in a time of shifting societal values. "It’s exceptional for a partner to consistently renew their commitment ahead of time. Together, we aim to address progressive and creative societal topics. With significant elections approaching, our partnership with Congstar is vital as we continue to advocate for democracy and social values," Engelbracht stated. FC St. Pauli Congstar

Axel Orbach, CEO of Congstar, emphasized the uniqueness of the partnership with FC St. Pauli. "Our collaboration goes beyond traditional sponsorship; it’s a genuine partnership. Regardless of the league, we are eager to continue this journey passionately, setting a standard for tolerance, diversity, respect, and anti-racism, while further strengthening our gaming initiatives. Even if it seems unusual for the football environment, it aligns perfectly with our shared values."

The partnership between FC St. Pauli and Congstar stands as a model for how sports entities and commercial brands can work together not just for mutual benefit but also to foster significant societal change. This extended collaboration is not just about maintaining visibility in the sports arena but also about utilizing their platform to champion important social issues, setting a precedent for the role of sports in broader societal discourse.


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