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FC Slovan Liberec Undergoes Major Shareholder Shift: A New Era Begins.

Roger Hampel

Slovan Liberec
Slovan Liberec

On April 2nd, 2024, FC Slovan Liberec a.s., a stalwart in Czech football, witnessed a significant transformation in its ownership and management structure, heralding a new chapter in the club’s illustrious history. Pembroke Manor s.r.o. completed the acquisition of a 75.65% stake in the club, positioning Mr. Ondřej Kania as the majority shareholder and promising an ambitious future for the team.

A Strategic Overhaul

The existing Management Board and Supervisory Board were disbanded, expressing gratitude towards the departing members for their dedicated service. In their place, a new Board of Directors was established, featuring:

  • Ing. Petra Kania as Chairman of the Management Board,

  • Mgr. Tomáš Netopil as Vice-Chairman,

  • Mgr. Filip Gigal and Ing. Zbyněk Štiller as Board Members.

This strategic reorganization is complemented by the appointment of Mr. Jan Nezmar as the Chief Executive Officer, a move that underscores the new management's resolve to inject fresh momentum into the club’s operations.

Ambitious Future Prospects

Under the new ownership, FC Slovan Liberec is set on a bold path. Ondřej Kania’s vision for the club is not just about reclaiming its rightful place at the zenith of Czech football but also ensuring its consistent participation in European competitions. The immediate appointment of Jan Nezmar as General Manager is the first in a series of planned steps aimed at revitalizing the club’s competitive edge and operational efficiency.

Commitment to Transparency and Excellence

What stands out in this new phase is the commitment to transparency with fans, partners, and the wider football community. The new management’s promise to openly communicate future strategies and developments is a refreshing approach, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among all stakeholders.

Looking Ahead

As FC Slovan Liberec embarks on this ambitious journey, the focus will be on strategic investments, both in terms of talent acquisition and infrastructural enhancements, to lay a solid foundation for achieving the set objectives. With a clear goal, a revamped management structure, and a commitment to transparency, the club is poised for a resurgence in the Czech football scene and beyond.

Source: Slovan Liberec


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