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FC Barcelona Participates in 'Barcelona 2030 Global and Sustainable'.

Roger Hampel

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, one of the world's most beloved football clubs, is not just making waves on the pitch but also setting a benchmark in sustainability. During the recent "Barcelona 2030 Global and Sustainable" conference, Jordi Portabella, Director of FC Barcelona's Sustainability Area, took the stage to share the club's ambitious sustainable practices, particularly spotlighting the Espai Barça project.

The event, organized by the renowned newspaper Expansión at the Caixaforum Palau Macaya, brought together industry leaders to discuss sustainable development within the visitor economy. Portabella, alongside experts from American Express Global Business Travel, Eurostars Hotel Company, and EY Spain, highlighted FC Barcelona's profound commitment to sustainability. This commitment is not just a part of the club's 2026 Strategic Plan but is woven into the fabric of its daily operations.

The Espai Barça: A Model of Sustainable Innovation

The Espai Barça project stands as a testament to FC Barcelona's dedication to environmental stewardship. The future Spotify Camp Nou is envisioned to be a marvel of sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure. From minimizing material consumption to promoting sustainable mobility, the project aims to reduce the club's environmental footprint significantly. The emphasis on the circular economy and responsible resource use underscores Barça's role as a leading advocate for sustainable practices in sports and tourism.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

FC Barcelona's sustainability efforts extend beyond infrastructure. The club is actively engaging in initiatives designed to make a positive impact on the economic, environmental, and social spheres. By integrating sustainability into the core of its operations, FC Barcelona is demonstrating how sports organizations can play a crucial role in addressing global sustainability challenges.

The discussion at the conference touched on various aspects of sustainability, from the contribution of sustainable tourism to economic growth to the urban challenges faced by cities like Barcelona. The dialogue underscored the necessity of government policies that support sustainable practices across industries.

Barcelona: A Beacon of Sustainable Development

The "Barcelona 2030 Global and Sustainable" conference itself is a reflection of the city's ambition to be at the forefront of sustainable development. Barcelona is striving to find the perfect balance between modernization and tradition, between attracting new industries and preserving its rich cultural heritage. The city's efforts to promote quality tourism and sustainable urban models serve as an inspiration for metropolises worldwide.

FC Barcelona's participation in this important event is a clear indicator of the club's leadership in sustainable development within the world of football and beyond.

Source: FC Barcelona


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