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Disney+ to Stream UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League in Denmark and Sweden.

Roger Hampel

Disney+ UEFA Europa League
Disney+ UEFA Europa League

Disney+ has announced an exciting update for football fans in Denmark and Sweden: it will become the exclusive streaming home for the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League from the 2024/25 season through to the end of the 2026/27 season. This strategic move not only enhances the streaming service’s offerings but also underscores Disney’s commitment to delivering diverse and high-quality content to its subscribers.

Exclusive Streaming Rights

The Walt Disney Company Denmark and Sweden have successfully secured the streaming rights to both leagues, promising Disney+ subscribers in these regions the ability to watch 342 matches featuring 72 clubs across 19 match weeks at no additional cost. This inclusion enriches the Disney+ experience, aligning well with the platform's expansive library of series and movies.

Enhancing the Disney+ Experience

According to Hans van Rijn, SVP and Country Manager for The Walt Disney Company Nordic & Baltic, the addition of these football leagues will provide unmatched value to Disney+ customers. "We are thrilled to offer this to our Disney+ customers in Denmark and Sweden, who can now enjoy top-tier European football alongside our unparalleled series and movies," he stated. This integration highlights Disney's rich sports heritage, which has been significantly shaped by its affiliation with ESPN, known for high-quality sports productions.

Local Teams, Global Stage

The UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Conference League are particularly significant for the Danish and Swedish markets, as they often feature local teams and players. This makes Disney+'s acquisition especially relevant and appealing to local fans, enhancing their viewing experience and supporting regional teams on an international stage.

A Broader Mission

Van Rijn also noted that this initiative is part of a broader strategy to serve communities deeply passionate about football and to attract new audiences in Denmark and Sweden. "Our mission is to super serve the communities and fans that are passionate about the game, while broadening the audience for the tournaments in Denmark and Sweden, building a new generation of fans and supporters,” he explained. This approach aims to foster a stronger connection with local audiences and cultivate a new generation of football enthusiasts through accessible, high-quality streaming.


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