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DFL Executive Committee Firmly Supports the 50+1 Rule Amid Legal Scrutiny.

Roger Hampel


In a recent session that saw thorough deliberation on the 50+1 rule and its current standing in the face of legal examination, the Executive Committee of the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) has reasserted its unwavering commitment to this foundational principle of German professional football. This discussion arises in the context of an ongoing review by the Federal Cartel Office, initiated by the DFL to fortify the legal certainty of the 50+1 rule.

Understanding the 50+1 Rule

Central to the statutes of the DFL, the 50+1 rule mandates that the parent club must retain a controlling interest in any professional football company, ensuring that commercial investors cannot take over clubs. This rule is pivotal in preserving the club-driven nature of teams participating in the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga, embodying the essence of competition within these leagues.

The DFL's Stance

The DFL Executive Committee has reiterated its staunch support for the 50+1 rule, emphasizing its integral role in maintaining the integrity and competitive balance of German football. "The 50+1 rule is a core and fundamental part of the DFL e.V. statutes and applies to all members and bodies of the League Association. According to this rule, the respective independent parent club has a dominant position in a capital company. The participation of club-shaped clubs in the operation of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga is a core essence of these competitions. The DFL Executive Committee will continue to advocate for the protection and continuation of the 50+1 rule," the committee stated.

Implications and Future Prospects

This affirmation comes at a crucial time as the football world watches closely. The ongoing review by the Federal Cartel Office, while seeking to validate the rule’s compliance with competition law, also tests the resilience of a regulation deeply ingrained in German football culture. The DFL’s proactive approach in seeking this review highlights its dedication to not just preserving the rule but also ensuring its stability and legality in a rapidly evolving sports and legal landscape.

The DFL Executive Committee’s reinforced commitment to the 50+1 rule underscores a broader desire within German football to retain control within the hands of clubs and their members, rather than external investors. As the legal review progresses, the football community awaits outcomes that could have significant implications for the future of the sport in Germany, with the DFL standing firmly in defense of a principle it deems vital for the game’s integrity and competitive fairness.

Source: DFL


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