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Chelsea Owners Eye Sporting CP Stake in Quest for Premier League Dominance.

Roger Hampel


In an ambitious move that signifies a new era for Chelsea FC and its global footprint, co-owners Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali are setting their sights high. Not content with domestic triumphs, they are now planning to create a footballing dynasty with Chelsea at its core. A recent report indicates that they're even considering acquiring a minority stake in Portuguese football club Sporting CP. But what drives this vision, and what does it mean for the future of Chelsea and football at large?

The Vision for a 100-Point Team

The ownership at Chelsea is, according to insiders, continuously thinking about what that 100-point team looks like."The aim is not just to win but to dominate, assembling a roster of players who will not only clinch the Premier League but do so with an unprecedented points haul. This ambition aligns with Chelsea's rich legacy and its reputation for setting rather than following trends in football.

A Multi-Club Network

Last season saw BlueCo, the consortium headed by Boehly and Eghbali, acquiring ownership of Ligue 1 club Strasbourg. This move was the first step in creating a multi-club organization, with Chelsea being the flagship team. Reports suggest that Sporting CP may be next on their radar.

Why Sporting CP?

The interest in Sporting CP isn't random. Sporting is renowned for its youth development program—players like Cristiano Ronaldo have honed their skills there. By gaining a stake in Sporting, Chelsea aims to provide its younger players with a pathway to elite football. This move fits well with Chelsea's history of asset development to maintain financial fair play standards.

The Bigger Picture

Chelsea's quest for perfection on the field aligns with Clearlake Capital’s broader mission to transform the club's fortunes. By focusing on developing a '100-point team,' they are sending a clear message that Chelsea aims to be a force in football, not just in England but globally. A partnership with Sporting CP could serve as a strategic step in this direction, tapping into a new pool of young talent and expanding the club's influence across borders.

What's Next?

Should the acquisition take place, Sporting CP will likely serve a similar function to Strasbourg, enabling Chelsea's younger talents to gain valuable experience on their route to elite football. While this may not necessarily lead to first-team roles at Chelsea, it provides an additional avenue for player development and ensures the club remains financially stable.


The unfolding vision from Chelsea's ownership is a clear statement of intent, aiming to set new benchmarks in football excellence. Whether it’s creating a '100-point team' or building a multi-club network, the objectives are transformative and ambitious. Only time will tell if these lofty ambitions will become reality, but one thing is certain: Chelsea and its owners are not resting on their laurels.

Source: SkySports UK, Goal


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