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CheckCars24 Becomes New Main Partner of Hertha BSC.

Roger Hampel

CheckCars24 Hertha BSC
CheckCars24 Hertha BSC

Hertha BSC has proudly announced a significant partnership with CheckCars24 GmbH, set to revolutionize the club's visibility and engagement in both local and competitive arenas. This three-year deal not only places CheckCars24 prominently on both the professional and U23 team jerseys but also secures extensive advertising presence at match days in the iconic Olympiastadion Berlin. The agreement spans various promotional and hospitality services, marking a profound commitment to Hertha’s legacy and future.

Ilhan Erikli, founder and shareholder of CheckCars24, expressed his deep-rooted connection with Hertha BSC, reminiscing about his personal experiences in the stadium and his excitement to support the club's ambition for advancement. “As a Berlin native, I’ve grown up supporting Hertha BSC. It’s an honor to back the most important club in the city, aiming to elevate Hertha back to the top league where they belong," said Erikli. He highlighted the natural synergy between the company's goals and the club's aspirations, setting a heartfelt tone for the partnership.

Hertha BSC’s management is equally enthusiastic, with CEO Thomas E. Herrich noting the perfect alignment between the club and CheckCars24. “The regional roots and genuine identification with our club made CheckCars24 an ideal partner,” Herrich remarked. He emphasized the mutual trust and long-term commitment outlined in the partnership, reflecting a shared vision for sustainable success and community engagement.

This partnership also extends to the digital realm, where CheckCars24 will become the official partner of the Hertha BSC eSport Academy, further diversifying its involvement with Hertha’s sports culture. In addition, Tolgahan Mazur, co-founder of CheckCars24, shared his excitement about enhancing fan engagement and building a strong community spirit, underscoring the importance of connecting with fans and involving them in various club activities.

The collaboration is a testament to the power of local partnerships in sports. As Thorben Jeß, Vice President of Team Hertha BSC SPORTFIVE, stated, “Bringing together two rising entities that complement each other perfectly promises to be a fruitful journey for all involved.”

As the new season approaches, all eyes will be on Hertha BSC and CheckCars24, whose partnership not only symbolizes a union of sports and business but also a shared commitment to excellence and community values in the heart of Berlin. Fans and observers alike eagerly await the upcoming jersey unveiling, ready to embrace the new era of Hertha BSC with CheckCars24 by their side.


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