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AS Roma Announces IBSA as the First Exclusive Shirt Sponsor for Their Women's Team.

Roger Hampel


AS Roma made an announcement on December 19, 2023, revealing a partnership with IBSA, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as IBSA becomes the first exclusive shirt sponsor for AS Roma's women's team.

Details of the Partnership

Starting from the women's Champions League match against PSG, IBSA's brand will grace the shirts of the reigning women’s Serie A champions for the rest of the season. This partnership is not just a branding exercise; it's a statement of support for women's health and wellbeing, areas where IBSA boasts excellence.

Statement from AS Roma

Lina Souloukou, AS Roma’s Chief Executive Officer & General Manager, expressed pride in joining forces with an international partner deeply invested in women's health. She views this partnership as more than just shirt sponsorship – it's a step towards enhancing the value of the club and contributing to the consolidation of the women's football movement.

IBSA's Perspective

Massimiliano Licenziati, President of IBSA Italy, underlined the company's six-year involvement in sports, driven by the healthy values it promotes. This partnership, however, holds a special significance as it reflects IBSA's commitment to empowering women who play key roles in various fields, including within the company.

The Impact of the Sponsorship

This first-of-its-kind sponsorship for a women's football team in Italy symbolizes a new era in sports marketing, where the focus is shifting to elevate women's sports. The collaboration between AS Roma and IBSA is expected to bring increased attention and resources to women's football, highlighting the importance of equal representation and support in sports.

About IBSA Italy

Established in 1992, IBSA Italy is a subsidiary of IBSA (Institut Biochimique SA). Headquartered in Lodi, the company has seen significant growth over the years, expanding its operations with a Rome headquarters, a plant in Cassina de' Pecchi (MI), and three research and development laboratories. Today, IBSA Italy stands as a major player in the Italian pharmaceutical sector.


AS Roma's partnership with IBSA sets a precedent in the world of sports sponsorships, especially in women's football. It goes beyond traditional commercial agreements, embodying a commitment to female empowerment and health. This collaboration not only strengthens the position of AS Roma’s women’s team but also paves the way for more focused investments and attention in women’s sports globally.

Source: AS Roma


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