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AS Monaco Welcomes ComAve as Its New Official E-commerce Partner.

Roger Hampel

AS Monaco ComAve
AS Monaco ComAve

AS Monaco, one of the most celebrated clubs in French football, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with ComAve, a leading global e-commerce platform. This partnership marks a significant step in enhancing fan engagement and interaction through innovative digital solutions.

Innovating Fan Experience with ComAve

As the new official e-commerce partner of AS Monaco, ComAve is set to revolutionize the way fans connect with their favorite club. The platform will offer Monaco's substantial fan base, which numbers around 25 million across various social media channels, access to unique content, innovative features, and exclusive merchandise.

This collaboration aims to provide an enriched fan experience that transcends traditional online shopping by integrating advanced technologies that boost fan interaction with the club. Through ComAve, AS Monaco supporters can look forward to a more interactive and engaging way to support their team, enhancing their connection with the club's rich history and dynamic present.

Exclusive Features and Fan-Centric Solutions

ComAve is committed to introducing cutting-edge features that are tailored specifically to Monaco fans. These include personalized shopping experiences, match-day specials, and first access to limited edition merchandise. Furthermore, the platform will leverage its technological prowess to offer engaging content that keeps fans at the heart of the action, even off the pitch.

Jassim Sulaiti, Regional Managing Partner at ComAve, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are honored to collaborate with AS Monaco, a club renowned for its rich history and passionate fan base. Our goal is to offer unmatched experiences and exclusive rewards to Monaco fans, making every interaction meaningful and centered around the fan community."

A Strategic Digital Partnership

Thibaut Chatelard, Director of Marketing & Revenue at AS Monaco, highlighted the strategic importance of this partnership, noting, "We are thrilled to welcome ComAve into the AS Monaco family and to be the first Ligue 1 club to partner with such a rapidly growing e-commerce platform. We share the ambition to innovate in our respective fields, especially in digital arenas. This collaboration is poised to deliver new and unique experiences to our supporters."

The partnership with ComAve not only aims to enhance the digital presence of AS Monaco but also sets the club apart in Ligue 1 as a pioneer in adopting innovative digital strategies. It reflects both parties' commitment to using technology to enhance fan engagement and satisfaction.

Looking Forward

As the partnership unfolds, AS Monaco and ComAve are set to introduce a series of initiatives designed to bring the club and its fans closer together. By leveraging the power of digital technology, this collaboration is expected to set a new standard in sports marketing and fan engagement in football. AS


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