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AC Milan Teams Up with Corpay: A Fusion of Football and Financial Expertise.

Roger Hampel

AC Milan Teams Up with Corpay
AC Milan Teams Up with Corpay

AC Milan has unveiled its latest alliance with Corpay, a leading name in the realm of global business payments. As part of this collaboration, Corpay's Cross-Border division is now the designated Official Commercial Foreign Exchange Partner for the illustrious Rossoneri.

Acclaimed by global enterprises for their adeptness in handling international transactions, Corpay stands as a beacon for businesses aiming to mitigate currency risks and foster their growth on an international scale. The company's extensive outreach, spanning over 145 currencies and extending to more than 200 countries, is supported by their award-winning online trading platform. This platform, coupled with Corpay's bespoke currency risk solutions, bridges businesses with global financial markets, fostering connections on a universal scale.

AC Milan Teams Up with Corpay

This collaboration symbolizes the convergence of two titans from different industries, both hallmarked by their unwavering dedication to progress and innovation. AC Milan, with its storied history and resonance in the world of football, has always been agile in evolving with the times and resonating with its global followers. On the other side of this partnership, Corpay has carved a niche for itself by crafting cutting-edge solutions that adeptly address the intricate challenges of global payments and foreign exchange.

AC Milan's Chief Commercial Officer, Maikel Oettle, expressed the club's enthusiasm about this venture, underlining the mutual spirit of innovation that defines both entities. He emphasized that this collaboration dovetails perfectly with AC Milan's mission of offering unparalleled experiences to its worldwide supporters.

Echoing this sentiment, Brad Loder, the Vice President of Cross-Border Marketing at Corpay Cross-Border Solutions, remarked on the significance of this partnership for Corpay, especially considering its ambitions in Italy and the broader sports landscape. As Corpay seeks to augment its brand's footprint and its corporate payment solutions on a global scale, Loder expressed excitement over aligning with AC Milan, an undisputed titan in football.


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