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AC Milan Teams Up with ComAve and Tamias to Kick Off a New Shopping Scene for Fans.

Roger Hampel

AC Milan ComAve Tamias
AC Milan ComAve Tamias

AC Milan has brought in two new teammates, ComAve and Tamias, and they're not players on the field but game-changers in how fans shop and eat. This duo is all about giving Rossoneri fans more - more shops, more food, and more ways to wave their red and black flags.

Later this year, ComAve is planning to roll out its platform in Italy, and they’re not just setting up shop. They're building a space where AC Milan fans can get exclusive access to products and hang out. It’s about making the fan experience a part of their routine.

Maikel Oettle of AC Milan is all about the fans. "We want to make it easy for the AC Milan family to show their pride and passion," he says. "This partnership is a new way for us to engage with our fans and bring the AC Milan experience into their daily lives."

Ivan Blum from ComAve is ready to get down to the nitty-gritty of what the fans are after. "We're here to learn what makes the Rossoneri tick," he shares. "Our goal is to create something that the fans will love, something that will make their experience as AC Milan supporters even more special."

And Adam Haines at Tamias is thinking about the future. "We're bringing our A-game to this partnership," he explains. "We're using cutting-edge tech to build a community. It's all about giving fans new ways to connect with the club and each other."


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