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AC Milan Launches ACM x RL10 Capsule Collection with Rafael Leão.

Roger Hampel

AC Milan ACM x RL10
AC Milan ACM x RL10

AC Milan has officially introduced the ACM x RL10 capsule collection, a collaboration with their celebrated Portuguese forward, Rafael Leão. This exclusive, limited-edition collection mirrors Leão's unique style and dynamic presence both on and off the pitch, encapsulating the essence of a modern football icon.

A Fusion of Fashion and Football

Unveiled in Milan on April 16, 2024, the collection exemplifies the synthesis of Leão's personality traits and his sportsmanship. Known for his agility, speed, and charismatic smile, Leão has influenced the design elements of the collection, which include ocean wave patterns and surf-related motifs, reflecting his well-known goal celebration themes and social media posts. The collection's slogan, "Every day is a new wave, everyday is a day of surfing," resonates with his vibrant persona and the adventurous spirit of his fans.

Exclusive Designs and Inspirations

The highlight of the collection is a special jersey, inspired by American football jerseys and crafted in Italy, representing a standout piece that merges sportswear with high fashion. Accompanying this are oversized T-shirts available in both long and short sleeves, including options for children, and classic hoodies that round out the collection. Each piece integrates the theme of resilience and recovery, akin to a surfer's persistence, which Leão emphasizes is akin to life's broader challenges: "Surfers sometimes catch the wrong wave, but then they get back on the board and do well."

Colorways and Personal Touch

The collection is available in a variety of colorways, featuring emerald—a nod to one of Leão's favorite colors—and traditional hues that represent AC Milan. This choice of colors not only aligns with Leão’s personal tastes but also maintains the iconic identity of the club.

A Personal Journey Shared

Rafael Leão shared his thoughts on the collaboration, highlighting the personal growth and passion projects that have flourished during his tenure at AC Milan. "The ACM x RL10 line is another milestone in my growth, it speaks to the fans about me and represents me 100%," said Leão. He expressed his hope that the collection would inspire fans to pursue their dreams with the same vigor and determination he applies both on and off the field.

Expanding Brand Horizon

Maikel Oettle, Chief Commercial Officer at AC Milan, emphasized the strategic importance of such collaborations, which serve to enhance the club's brand in the realms of fashion and lifestyle. "Through the exclusive ACM x RL10 capsule collection, we further strengthen the presence of the AC Milan brand in the fashion and lifestyle universe," stated Oettle. He reiterated the club's commitment to innovation and its aspirations to influence the global lifestyle and fashion landscapes profoundly.


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