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A New Home for Liverpool FC Women: St Helens Stadium from 2024.

Roger Hampel

Liverpool Women Stadium
Liverpool Women Stadium

Liverpool FC Women are set to kick off an exciting new chapter in the 2024-25 season as they move to their new home at St Helens Stadium in Merseyside. This strategic relocation is a significant step in the club's commitment to enhancing the growth and visibility of its women's team, coinciding with their final game at Prenton Park against Manchester United.

A Fresh Venue for Ambitious Goals

The transition to St Helens Stadium isn't just a change of scenery; it's a major upgrade in facilities and fan experience. With a Premier League-standard pitch and bespoke player amenities, the move is designed to bolster the team’s performance and supporter satisfaction. The stadium will serve as a dedicated venue for nearly half of the season, shared with St. Helens R.F.C., whose teams will also benefit from the enhanced pitch.

Enhanced Matchday Experience

Fans of Liverpool FC Women can look forward to a significantly improved matchday experience. The stadium will feature covered concourses, a range of family-friendly activities, and an enhanced food and drink selection, all aimed at creating a festive and engaging atmosphere. This move is part of Liverpool’s broader strategy to improve the overall experience for fans, making women's football matches an exciting outing for supporters of all ages.

Strategic Investments and Long-Term Vision

The relocation to St Helens Stadium is backed by substantial investments in infrastructure that reflect the club’s long-term vision for its women's team. Following substantial enhancements at the AXA Melwood Training Centre, Liverpool FC continues to invest in the squad and the broader infrastructure necessary to compete at the highest levels of women’s football.

Susan Black, LFC’s director of communications and executive director of Liverpool FC Women, emphasized the club’s commitment to its female athletes and supporters. The decision to move was heavily influenced by feedback from players and fans, ensuring that the new stadium would not only meet but exceed expectations.

A Warm Welcome and Bright Future

Eamonn McManus, chairman of St. Helens R.F.C., expressed enthusiasm about hosting Liverpool FC Women, noting the mutual benefits of this arrangement. The new state-of-the-art pitch and additional income streams are expected to bolster both clubs. This partnership is seen as a testament to the growing prominence and professionalism of women’s sports.

David Hutchinson, general manager of St. Helens R.F.C., also highlighted the timing of this partnership as pivotal, with women's sports gaining unprecedented media exposure and commercial interest. Hosting a renowned team like Liverpool FC Women is expected to draw more visitors to the stadium and create exciting opportunities for crossover promotions between football and rugby.


As Liverpool FC Women prepare to turn St Helens Stadium into their new fortress, the excitement is palpable. This move not only signifies a major leap forward in facilities and fan engagement but also reaffirms Liverpool's dedication to advancing women's football. The upcoming season promises to be a landmark one, with hopes of attracting new fans and continuing the team's trajectory of success on and off the pitch.

Source: LFC Media


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