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Warsaw to Host UEFA Super Cup in 2024: A Milestone for Polish Football.

Roger Hampel

The UEFA Super Cup, a prestigious annual football match contested by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, is set to take place in Warsaw, Poland, in 2024. The National Stadium in Warsaw has been chosen as the venue, as reported by sports journalist Tomasz Włodarczyk from

A Decision on the Horizon

While the decision to select Warsaw as the host city is still pending official approval, it is expected to be ratified at the next UEFA Executive Committee meeting. The National Stadium will then host the winners of the Champions League and Europa League next year. The respective finals for these competitions are to be held in London and Dublin, while the UEFA Europa Conference League champion will be determined in Nea Filadelfia, Greece.

A Continued Legacy for Poland

This is not the first time Poland has had the honor of hosting a significant European football match. The National Stadium in Warsaw previously welcomed the Europa League finalists in 2015. Two years ago, Gdańsk also had the privilege of hosting a major European tournament. Additionally, Wrocław is slated to determine the Europa Conference League champion in 2025.

What This Means for Polish Football

Hosting the UEFA Super Cup is a tremendous milestone for Polish football. It not only promotes the sport within the country but also elevates Poland's standing in the European football community. The event is likely to attract a global audience, thereby putting Warsaw and Polish football on the international stage.


The UEFA Super Cup in 2024 in Warsaw is a highly anticipated event that will bring significant attention and excitement to Polish football. Once the official confirmation is received, preparations are expected to kick off, ensuring the National Stadium is ready to host an event of this magnitude. It is an occasion that promises not only high-quality football action but also an opportunity for Poland to showcase its sporting infrastructure and hospitality to the world.

Whether you are a football aficionado or a casual fan, the 2024 UEFA Super Cup in Warsaw is a date to mark on your calendar.


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