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Venezia FC Unveils Impressive New Headquarters.

Roger Hampel


Venice FC has taken a significant leap in their evolution, with the grand opening of their newly minted headquarters, Ca' Venezia. The result of an ambitious project, the modernized club hub debuted on Friday, June 23rd, marking a new chapter in the club's illustrious history.

Formerly the Taliercio Sports Center, the site has undergone extensive redevelopment to transform it into a multi-functional facility that truly represents Venice FC's mission. With an emphasis on energy sustainability and enhanced usability, the headquarters will foster stronger connections with the local community. Project coordinators TFE Ingegneria and AI Progetti, under the guidance of Engineer Zefferino Tommasin, Architect Andrea Borin, and Andrea Pellizzato, entrusted CEV Company as the General Contractor to bring this vision to life.


The headquarters represents Venice FC's commitment to promoting sports at all levels. The new facility strengthens the areas dedicated to youth and women's sector activities, reflecting the long-term objectives of the club. It provides necessary space and resources to support the pursuit of excellence across all team levels. Proximity to the club's administrative and operational areas will also streamline the daily management of the club, promoting stronger integration between technical and operational components. Ca' Venezia boasts six playing fields, accommodating training sessions for the First Team, Women's Sector, and Youth Sector. The main field, featuring a renovated semi-covered grandstand, comes with a new lighting system and refreshment area, enhancing the experience for fans attending official matches of Venezia FC Primavera and the Women's First Team.

The Men's First Team's technical area and the administrative area find their home in the main building, situated adjacent to the semi-covered grandstand. This building also houses a representation area, a panoramic terrace, and a conference room.




The club dedicated the inauguration to the Investors of the Club and the subscribers of the Venezia FC Bond issued at the end of the past sports season, whose contributions were critical to the project's success. Club president, Duncan Niederauer, hailed the project as a significant milestone for Venezia FC. He emphasized that the new Ca' Venezia plant, alongside the historic Penzo stadium, sets a new benchmark for sporting facilities in Italy and across Europe.

Designed and developed to offer the best and most sustainable sports technologies for players, fans, and the club, the center aims to optimize performance, training, and the overall experience of all who visit the complex. On behalf of the club, Niederauer expressed gratitude to the architects and contractors, the city of Venice, his fellow board members, the squad, and the loyal Venezia fans.



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