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Valencia CF Enhances Green Mobility with Skoda's Electric Vehicles.

Roger Hampel

Skoda Valencia
Skoda Valencia

In a significant move that underscores its commitment to sustainability and sports, Skoda has delivered a new fleet of vehicles to the Valencia CF men's first team at the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna. This event not only reinforces the strong partnership between Skoda and Valencia CF, which began in 2019, but also marks a notable shift towards electric mobility in sports.

For the first time, the fleet includes electric models among the vehicles chosen by the players, highlighting a growing trend in environmentally conscious choices within professional sports. The standout model this year is the Skoda Enyaq Coupé, an electric SUV with sporty lines and an elegant design, which complements the spacious interiors and advanced infotainment systems featured in the Kodiaq and Karoq models.

The inclusion of the Enyaq Coupé in the lineup is particularly significant as it represents the club's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. This move aligns with global environmental goals and showcases Skoda's leadership in providing eco-friendly transportation solutions that do not compromise on performance or comfort.

This partnership has been mutually beneficial, with Skoda not only becoming the official car of Valencia CF but also gaining visibility through the club's extensive reach. The Skoda logo is prominently displayed on the game and training shorts of the men's first team, VCF Mestalla, and the Valencia CF Women's team. Remarkably, in 2020, the Valencia CF Women's team became the first women's football team to be sponsored by the brand, setting a precedent in the sports sponsorship landscape.

The extended collaboration, recently renewed until the end of the 2024/25 season, promises comprehensive support for the club, ensuring that both entities will continue to drive forward with innovative strategies both on and off the field. The delivery of these new vehicles not only provides state-of-the-art transportation for Valencia CF's players but also cements Škoda's role as a key player in the integration of sustainable practices in professional sports.

As Škoda and Valencia CF continue their journey together, their partnership is set to remain a benchmark for collaboration in sports, demonstrating that progress and sustainability can go hand in hand with athletic excellence.


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