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Toyota and VAFC Reignite a New Chapter Together.

Roger Hampel

Toyota VAFC
Toyota VAFC

On July 5th, Yoann Godin, General Manager of Valenciennes Football Club (VAFC), and Rodolphe Delaunay, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF), proudly announced the return of Toyota as the main sponsor of VAFC for the next three years, starting from the 2024-25 season.

Toyota Logo to Feature Prominently on New Jerseys

Twenty years after their first partnership, the global automotive leader’s French production site is making a significant comeback on the iconic red and white jerseys of VAFC. For the next three seasons, Toyota's brand will be prominently displayed on the front and sleeve of the jerseys during all championship matches.

In a nostalgic twist, it was exactly 20 years ago, in 2004, that Toyota first became the principal partner of the club. Back then, VAFC was in the National league, and their partnership saw the club rapidly ascend to Ligue 2 and then Ligue 1 within just two years.

A Partnership Enhancing VAFC’s Credibility

This partnership, resulting from intense discussions since the beginning of the year between the club and TMMF’s management, adds substantial credibility to the club’s new ownership project and aligns with the local engagement strategy of the new management.

With a workforce of 5,000 employees, Toyota stands as the largest private employer in Valenciennes. Since producing the first Yaris in Onnaing in 2001, the automotive giant has become a local emblem, and VAFC is proud to collaborate with Toyota to emerge stronger.

Yoann Godin expressed, “Partnering with a global automotive leader like Toyota is both an honor and a challenge to meet their level of excellence. The values of hard work, teamwork, precision, innovation, and high standards are the pillars of Toyota’s success and must once again be embedded in VAFC’s DNA. The Toyota spirit is a model for VAFC in terms of stability, performance, humility, and local commitment.”

Rodolphe Delaunay added, “Solidarity, passion, and training were our shared values 20 years ago, and we are delighted to see them revived in this partnership today. Toyota hopes to contribute to VAFC’s new slogan ‘together we come back stronger!’ Being present in both good and challenging times is the hallmark of a true partner. We wish the best to the Red and Whites!”

Source: VAFC


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