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SC Paderborn 07 and Haus Cramer Gruppe Extend Their 30-Year Regional Partnership Through 2026/2027

Roger Hampel

SC Paderborn 07 Haus Cramer Gruppe
SC Paderborn 07 Haus Cramer Gruppe

The enduring partnership between Haus Cramer Gruppe, a regional family-owned brewery, and SC Paderborn 07 (SCP07), a football club, has been a testament to the symbiotic relationship between local businesses and sports entities. Recently, they announced the continuation of their 30-year collaboration until the end of the 2026/2027 season, a move that not only celebrates a long-standing alliance but also emphasizes the importance of regional partnerships in sports.

Football and beer share a long and intertwined history, with both being integral parts of local culture and community spirit. Martin Hornberger, the Managing Director of SCP07, remarked on this natural connection, stating, "A good beer is to football what the ball is to the pitch. I am all the more delighted that we can count on Haus Cramer Gruppe, a regional family business and a strong brewer, as our partners in the future."

This partnership renewal is not just about continuing a successful relationship; it's also about highlighting the significance of local collaborations. With the introduction of Paderborner Gold as a new beer on tap, Nadja Gärtner, Head of Brand Activation at Haus Cramer Gruppe, emphasized the focus on the importance of regional partnerships. It is a strategic move that not only benefits both entities but also enhances the fan experience, providing supporters with high-quality local beer while cheering for their team.

The success of this partnership is a clear indicator of its mutual benefits. Marco Sautner, Managing Director at Infront Germany, expressed his pleasure over the continued allegiance of Haus Cramer Gruppe to SCP07, stating, "The fact that Haus Cramer Gruppe remains loyal to SCP07 in the future clearly speaks for the success of this partnership. A great cooperation from which both partners and the fans of SCP07 benefit."

The official announcement was marked by a ceremonial toast, featuring key figures from both organizations, including Philip Renneke (Area Sales Manager Gastronomy, Haus Cramer Gruppe), Gerrit Denzer (Associate Director, Infront Germany), Nadja Gärtner, and Martin Hornberger, celebrating the renewal of this 30-year partnership.

In the broader context of sports marketing, this partnership showcases the value of aligning with local businesses. It serves as a powerful example of how sports teams and local companies can work together to foster a sense of community, enhance the fan experience, and support the local economy.


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