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Saudia Teams Up with Newcastle United and Formula E to Craft Unique Film.

Roger Hampel

Saudia Newcastle United Formula E
Saudia Newcastle United Formula E

Saudia, in collaboration with Newcastle United and Formula E, has launched an innovative promotional film that takes viewers on a thrilling journey combining speed, sportsmanship, and global partnership. Directed by Phil Churchward, a former series director of Top Gear and The Grand Tour, the film promises to captivate racing and football enthusiasts alike.

The Journey: From Saudia Aircraft to St. James' Park

The film follows a mysterious racing driver dressed in Saudia-branded Formula E racing gear. His journey starts onboard a Saudia aircraft and culminates at St. James' Park, home to Newcastle United. Along the way, the driver expertly navigates the advanced GEN3 Formula E car across serene lakes, through a shopping arcade in Newcastle city center, and along scenic urban roads, finally arriving just in time for the big kick-off.

A Collaborative Vision for Sports Innovation Saudia Newcastle United Formula E

Khaled Tash, Saudia's Group Chief Marketing Officer, expressed the airline's enthusiasm for the project:"This film exemplifies Saudia’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. Sport has such a unique power to bring people together, and through exciting projects like this, we’re committed to bringing fans of both Newcastle United and Formula E closer to the sports they love."

Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E, emphasized the impact of this partnership:"Formula E stands at the forefront of sustainable innovation, and we’re thrilled to work with Saudia and Newcastle United in highlighting our unique and exciting sport. Our collaboration showcases the possibilities of organizations coming together with a shared vision."

Peter Silverstone, Chief Commercial Officer of Newcastle United, highlighted the strategic value of the collaboration:"This Formula E collaboration shows how we can elevate the airline’s presence across different sectors. Newcastle United provides the perfect platform for Saudia to engage with sports fans around the world."

Showcasing Excellence in Production and Performance

Phil Churchward's direction ensures the film delivers high-octane sequences, while Ben Joiner, Director of Photography, brings expertise from racing sequences in Rush. Professional driver Nikki Faulkner adds authenticity with his Hollywood experience in Mission Impossible and Gran Turismo. Their combined talents promise to deliver a compelling narrative for both sports and film fans.

A Celebration of Sport and Regional Identity

The adventure, featuring 100 Newcastle United fans and three Premier League footballers, highlights Newcastle United's global following while showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of the North-East region of England. This collaboration reinforces the shared passion for sports between Saudia, Formula E, and Newcastle United, celebrating their shared ambition to engage a worldwide audience.

In this film, Saudia cements its role as a leader in innovative marketing, bridging the worlds of motorsport and football in a way that captures the imagination and excitement of sports enthusiasts globally.

Based on source: Arab News / Credit: Saudia via X


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