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Saudi Super Cup Unveils "Diriyah Cup" in an Exciting Launch.

Salem Badughaish

Diriyah Cup
Diriyah Cup

The Saudi Football Federation announced this Friday the inauguration of the "Diriyah Cup" for the Saudi Super Cup, a prestigious event set to kick off next Monday in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the realm of Saudi sports, marrying traditional values with the thrill of modern football.

The "Diriyah Cup" represents not just a trophy but a bridge connecting the historical and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia with the dynamic world of football. This initiative underscores the Federation's commitment to leveraging sports as a vehicle for promoting cultural and historical awareness, aligning with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

A Partnership Rooted in Heritage and Innovation

This collaboration between the Saudi Football Federation and Diriyah Company, announced through a tweet by "Al-Riyadiah" on the social platform "X," symbolizes a forward-looking approach to sports marketing. The agreement names the Diriyah Cup for the upcoming Super Cup match in Abu Dhabi, highlighting Diriyah's status as a beacon of Saudi heritage and culture.

The tournament will feature top teams such as Al-Ittihad, Al-Wahda, Al-Hilal, and Al-Nasr, showcasing the competitive spirit and talent within Saudi football. The choice of Abu Dhabi as the venue for this year's Super Cup, running from April 8 to 11, further emphasizes the cross-border appeal and the international dimension of this event.

The Diriyah Cup: A Symbol of Growth and Opportunity

Yasser Al-Misehal, President of the Saudi Football Federation, expressed that this partnership with Diriyah Company is an extension of their efforts to create marketing opportunities and tools that support one of the most significant destinations in Saudi Arabia. This initiative aims to highlight Diriyah's competitive historical, cultural, and tourism features, supporting the country's efforts to open new promotional pathways as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives. It also seeks to leverage investment opportunities to increase the revenue of the football federation.

Jerry Inzerillo, CEO of Diriyah Company, emphasized that this agreement is a unique opportunity to benefit from the promotional activity in Saudi Arabia. The sporting field, with its vast public interest, gains significant promotional advantages from global players and competitiveness. This move is aimed at shining a light on Saudi Arabia's premier tourist destination for heritage and culture, initiating sustainable projects rooted in heritage and authenticity, and presenting a new lifestyle for its residents. It also aims to support the exchange and development of experiences in portraying Diriyah attractively through Saudi sports


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